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One more week before the end of the fall season. Anime runs all the time; I think the only time when they are “off” is when there’s a special sports event and in the Gold Week of March. Anyhow. Sword Art Online ended with a final episode. Not much to say here, happy ending and all that. Shin Sekai Yori and Psycho-Pass are becoming more and more awesome and I’m quite happy that they’ll continue for the winter season. K is ending next week and I’m unsure about Jormungand. It has one more episode I guess, but the story is far from over.

Sword Art Online ep 25

Final episode.

I didn’t expect that Sogou would show up to try to kill Kirito in real life. The guy is really crazy.

Seems like VRMMO disappeared after that. Well for a while. The Seed that Kabaya gave Kirito was a micro package that allows anyone with the bandwidth to run a VRMMO and players can transfer their character from one to the others. The only way this would work is if all the games had the same character stats and system. Not sure what is the point of having 300 similar games running around. But it’s a private server dream come true. All your dead MMOs coming back to life. Although, it seems to be happening in our reality, with Turbine bringing back Asheron’s Call 2 a few weeks ago after seven years offline. Took everybody by surprise too. I suspect people seeing the Seed working around had the same reaction.

Shin Sekai Yori ep 12

Well, this is interesting. Seems like the head of the Ethics Department wishes for Saki to replace her. She also asked her mother once, and they both gave the same answer: I can’t be qualified. Seems like her mother failed at something, though. Both were selected because of their Personality Index: a number that qualifies qualities sought in a leader and how stable they are. This sounds similar to Psycho-Pass to me.

The head of the Ethics Committee, a young-looking woman.
The head of the Ethics Committee. Looks like she manages her stress well to look so young.

As you can see, this is an exposition episode. Lots of talking. Oh, and the Ethics Committee knows everything about the False Minoshiro (the walking and talking library) that Saki and friends meet. There is another committee, too: the Education Committee. They decide what happens to kids, technically. We got pretty animation going with the storytelling too. This show is just awesome with this.

The story is about how Ashina (the head of the Ethics Committee) saw a Ogre kill more than 1000 people in a village. She was a nurse before and probably one of the survivors. After that they changed one of the Ethics rules. People have no rights until 17 years after birth (used to be 22 weeks).

Their society inverted the “For the Children” mantra. Now it’s all about purging the bad apples when they show up. Aka people who will turn into Karmic Demons (like Shun did) or that will turn into Ogres (like… one of the kids will. Pick between Maria and  Mamoru here).

Looks like Saki is going to have to decide the faith of one of her friends. Also, I suspect the high level of stress was created by the Ethics Committee’s own rule. Like a vicious circle. Saki will probably change the rule once she get the top job.

Psycho-Pass ep 11

Cyborg-hunter really likes the thrill of being hunted more than hunting people it seems. He got some post-traumatic symptoms from 80 years back, too. His body was of a better construction than his robot dogs; he didn’t explode in lots of tiny pieces, he was just cut in half.

Masaoka and Akane found Kougami with a few bullet holes. But they were too late to catch Yuki (Akane’s friend) who was captured again by Makishima. Akane went after them though, while the old man had to administer first aid to Kougami. Once he was done patching up Kougami, he had to head-butt him though; he wanted to come along to go after Akane and Makishima.

Woah, Makishima’s CC is only 79? Then it went to 50? His CC decreases the more he’s acting violently. He’s a the loophole in the Sibyl system diagnostic calculation or he really has no soul. I think he just understands something that was explained earlier. A criminal clouded reading decrease after a crime. In other word, he’s a real sociopath, he finds it normal to kill people. Sibyl seems to only be able to detect psychopaths.

The ending is extremely stressful. Poor Akane. Although, now this show just took another step into the totally awesome territory. I wonder if Akane’s reading is going to get clouded. Maybe she’s like Makishima. Which mean she won’t and maybe she’s going to become ruthless to take down Makishima. We also know what is Makishima’s problem with Sibyl, he knows he’s a monster, but the system says he’s not so he gets pissed that people can’t be free of the machine like he is. It might also be looking for somebody like him. He seems to think that Kougami is it, but that isn’t true, because Kougami has a latent criminal CC.

K ep 12

So Shiro is the Silver King and his clansmen have gravity manipulation powers. Cool. They also glow silver. And he made Seri a temporary member…

Kuroh got the charming job of trying to stop the red and blue clansmen from fighting. Poor guy, they are a handful and without Seri around the Spectre 4 people are just as stupid as the HOMRA ones.

Anna is awesome though. So is the Gold King calling the right number to talk to Shiro while he’s standing in the “command centre” of the Red in the school ground. The Colorless King is suffering from a multiple personality disorder. I didn’t expect this, but Jeez, Kukuri just sounds crazy.

Command centre of the Red in the school ground
Tower defense made easy

One episode left as well!

Jormungand 23

Koko: I have this world, Jonah!

Although, she’s right about the world not changing because people are a bit nicer to each others. War, war never change (to quote Fallout).

There was French rap while Koko did her speech of “I hate humans, guns and soldiers.” And how she got the totally awesome plan of using the money she made selling weapons to create world peace.

Unfortunately for Koko, Jonah runs away… into Kasper’s hands. The rest of the episode was a bit crazy, let’s say that Koko sort of recruited the Book Man and removed an annoying guy that was going after her at the same time. She’s scary.

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