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K and Jormungand are leaving us now. Both showed their final episode. The good news is that K will have a sequel (not sure when it will be aired though, probably next fall). Jormungand had a totally open ending. Not that I mind; I didn’t watch that show for how it would end, but for the characters. Shin Sekai had an interesting episode that probably set the stage for the next arc. Finally, Psycho-pass is on hiatus until January 10th. This makes me sad.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 13

The hunt for Mamoru.

Saki and Maria find sled tracks in the fresh snow and deduce that Mamoru took a kid’s sled and stuffed it with stuff to run away. Satoru gets there and joins them in the hunt. I find it interesting that Saki and Satoru use skis while Maria just levitates around (sort of half jumping half levitating). The ski stuff looks cool and I don’t ski.

Mamoru seems to be escaping with the hope that nobody will follow him. He’s going to the mountains. He got followed by what seems to be a monster rat and falls off a cliff. Well, according to the hints found by the gang. They finally find him, unconscious, in a “hut.” Maria is really happy (she’s soooo going to snap if something happens to Mamoru).

Oh, the monster rat that saved Mamoru is the same one Saki saved in one of the early episodes. Mamoru was lucky. He wanted to run away, because he doesn’t want to die. He saw a “cat” already or so he thinks. That was until he really saw it face-to-face though. He then remembers when he was hiding behind the crates with Maria and they came to fetch those cats to go after Shun.

The episode ends with older-Saki saying that their naive plan to bring back Mamoru was already falling apart. Hmm.

Psycho-Pass, Episode 12

On break until January 10th. NoooooooooOOO!

K, Eposode 13

This is the last episode, but a sequel was announced.

Someone looking at a city in the distance
HOMRA cleaning house

All right, so Shiro’s (I just can’t call him Adolph) plan is put in motion. Kuroh kicked everybody’s ass who wasn’t a king and was still fighting, leaving Fushimi and Yata in the end, who got picked up by another HOMRA guy to evacuate the school. Kuroh also became the second Silver Kind clansmen after this. Now is the time to save Kukuri.

Speaking of her, the Colorless King is freaking crazy, as in Gollum-type of crazy. Lots of different personalities who want to be the only king around. Kuroh ends up catching her and he got his sword out! And all this was to scare out the Seventh King to jump into Shiro’s body.

And once there he got trapped. We got more German, too. Shiro is sort of badass, hopefully Adolph comes back in the sequel. I like him. Seems like the plan is to get himself and the Colorless King killed.

*sniff* Kuruki can remember Neko and Kuroh, but not Shiro.

So Mikoto killed Shiro and the Colorless King and Risei kiledl Mikoto. Although, for some reason I think that Shiro (well, Adolph) isn’t dead. He’s the Immortal King.

Something interesting, at the end of the episode, all the HOMRA clansmen lost their power. Kuroh still has his funky hand, does it mean he’s a strain? Which would mean that Shiro had a cat and a dog as clansmen.

Jormungand. Episode 24

Another last episode.

Well, poor Jonah. Looks like Koko was right. The third world war is cooking and Jonah is all sad about it. Kasper is having a big conversation with his sister as well. Koko cut her hair, OMG! I liked her longer hair better.  We got a two-year time jump here.

A short-haired Koko looks sad in response to Kasper's laugh.
Koko’s response to Kasper’s laugh.

So Kasper is waiting for her sister  to create a new world. I guess it is still in the plan. First, she has to launch Jormungand’s second brain into the skies. Yep, another satellite. Kasper is super happy about it. See HCLI started as an oversea transport company and by killing off planes Koko is going to make them do a lot of business.

Kasper is rather good with people, he totally knew that Jonah was going to leave at some point. Looks like Jonah found back his former college and Koko just had the best quote ever:

“Me or the world? Which of us is the crazy one?”

The final was totally open-ended, no idea if the manga will continue after this, because maybe there is more Koko in the future.

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