Weekly Anime Review

Only one show aired a new episode this week; Psycho-Pass took a two-week hiatus; and all the new stuff starts next week.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 14

So after finding Mamoru, both Saki and Satoru decide to go back. Well, Saki followed Satoru, because she’s scared for him and doesn’t want him to get into trouble. Once Saki gets back, her parents tell her the Board of Education Directors want to talk to her(AKA the people who decide which kid gets killed).¬† That was a gut-wrenching interrogation. She has no idea what Satoru said, although it seems like the Chairman is on her side, sort of. She looks very young too, I’m starting to think that women in power in that world take eternal youth potions (or whatever allows them to live more than 200 years; Satoru’s grandmother is 267).

Well, well, well. Looks like the Board Of Education doesn’t like being told that they kill people. Sort of interesting. They don’t like being told they failed, either. Satoru’s grandmother is awesome for verbally putting them down. Holy moly, tainted cats don’t bother with her either. They only attack when commanded, but at the same time she doesn’t seem afraid of them. Unlike the Board of Education, who almost pissed their pants just thinking that the cats were in that room.

Two cats the size of people.
Say hello to the big cats

So it looks like they used Saki’s group for an experiment, the one to see what happen when kid are given free will. Looks like they were all geared to become the future leaders of the village, but the experiment failed. And now Maria and Mamoru are a danger for the village while free in the wild. Tomiko (Satoru’s grandmother) gives Saki three days to bring them back to the village. This is how long she can stall the Board of Education. Looks like bringing them back won’t be easy. They left the igloo and the last thing Maria said was, “Goodbye.”

Something interesting in this episode: it seems like Maria ditched Saki as her lover in favor of Mamoru. There was also real science. In a way, it looks like the “eternal youth potion” is actually using Cantus to regenerate the telomeres. This the currently the only known way to stop aging. That is how Tomiko stays “young.” She also said that she will teach Saki how to do it.

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