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Shin Sekai Yori, Psycho-Pass, and Chihayafuru are as awesome as ever. Hakkeden and Amnesia are still interesting enough for me to continue watching them, but I dropped the Edo Robin Hood show. Comedy isn’t my thing. I need good character interactions and a plot to like a show.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 16

Maria left a sad letter to Saki. It was narrated with lots of flashbacks to their younger selves. It is also quite interesting that Maria had amazing perception skills and realized what was happening in the district. By this, I mean how adults were scared of children and waiting to see if one of them was going to turn into a monster.

Squealer is sooooo creepy and evil. I expect to see him later and he will probably call on his “debts” to Saki and Satoru at some point too.

Two humanoid creatures crawl toward Saki in her dream
Saki really has a strange psyche to have dreams like these.

Saki doesn’t want to lose more friends, only Satoru is left. She also has very strange dreams with a bit of Shun in them. She really can’t let go of that. Satoru also doesn’t want to forget Maria and Mamoru, and he’s ready to leave the village if they try that one again. Looks like they are hooking up too, or it was just stress and the “bonobo gene” that made them do it. The preview also showed them as adults (at the age of 26 years old) – another time jump!

Psycho-Pass, Episode 13

Back from the flashback. This episode continues right after Episode 11 where Akane saw her friend get killed by Makishima. Gino seems to have taken much of the hue-hit (his CC rate increased by seven points). He’s getting closer to becoming a Enforcer. Working with your dad might not have been a good idea (what I’ve been saying for a while: the Old man Enforcer is his daddy).

So Sibyl is responsible for the world enjoying happiness and prosperity for largest number of people. Well, if everybody is brainwashed, I guess that it’s true”¦ but the sheep will always follow the master and believe what it is saying. The full explanation is more that people have to believe that Sibyl is perfect. Like I said: brainwashed.

The old lady, Gino’s boss, seems to be unsurprised by Makishima’s aptitude at not having his CC increase. See, the perfect system can’t work on people who with a specific psychological condition: criminally asymptomatic. These people are arrested by members of another division (Division 2 is so the ending bad guys). This includes the Specimen case killer. I wonder how many cases are still open when their killer has already been killed by the secret “cops.” Lucky for them, the odds are one in two million. Oh and when Gino asked what happened to Touma (Specimen case killer) the answer was: “I’m not going to tell you.” This tells me that Division 2 is composed of criminally asymptomatic criminals.

All that explanation from the Boss was so that the report was doctored to remove Makishima’s psychological condition from it. Nobody must know about that. Sibyl is so going down before this show is over. Although, they also have to stop him. This means Akane will have to relive her friend’s killing to reconstruct Makishima’s face. Everybody is scared for her CC raising. I personally suspect she’s a bit criminally asymptomatic. She totally freaked out but her CC didn’t raise about 67 points (that is lower than Gino’s normal CC value) and it started to drop right away once she regained herself. She’s a freak!

Well, maybe not a freak. She’s not stopped by the system in her belief. In other word, she’s not a sheep. She also doesn’t care if her CC goes up; this mean less stress in general. Everybody should probably stop caring about Sibyl, I guess. Also, seems like the Boss knows Makishima quite well and she doesn’t seem quite human either (I’m starting to think that she is Sibyl).

Amnesia, Episode 2

There is something creepy in only remembering part of your lost memories. Especially when it includes one of your childhood friends telling you that he killed a man for kissing you. Let’s say that you start to be scared of them because the only thing you know is that they killed somebody.

We saw creepy guy again and he’s really creepy when left all alone. He was all nice in front of the heroine (the main character has no name like in the game).  We also get to see the past with the main character interacting with her memory (or something like that).

I’m starting to wonder if the main character was a “harlot,” going out with all the guys at the same time. Hehehe.

Hakkenden, Episode 2

Full title: Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun

Hamaji is quite the demanding lady. Clothing color, high heel height, ribbon. She wants everything. Although, the funny part is that Kaname Osaki (fox-dude) says he was told the woman survivor from the Oostuka village was beautiful and her answers is: “Oh, that is true, but they were talking about Shino.” He makes a cute girl”¦ and he was raised as a girl by his parents? Really? The little fox servants are cute.

Looks like Satomi Rio is the guardian of the survivor of the Oostuka village. Shino knows him. Which is sort of strange, because last episode he didn’t know who the four families were. Shino and Sousuke made their way to the Imperial Capital and as soon as they get out of the train they’ve already attracted the Church politics.

Crow and Wolf face off
Crow vs Wolf: Who will win?

What sort of name is Kabungo? So Shino has a mark on his arm that matches the mark on Kabungo’s brother’s face. He’s name is Genpachi and he’s a prisoner of some monks who claims he’s a demon. I suspect Sousuke has a similar mark too. More dogs! Lots more dogs, because Sousuke is a total magnet. Poor Genpachi is trapped by a psychotic monk, though (who uses bugs, really creepy).

Hmm, so Murasame is a demon sword or a deity that asked a price from Shino in exchange of his power. Shino body’s will never age. Poor guy (or girl – so confusing). Shino acts all bratty, Satomi suggest that his body isn’t the only thing that stopped aging.

The monk will probably target Shino next episode.

Chihayafuru, Season 2, Episode 2

Sumire-chan followed Taichi all the way to the Karuta club in the cultural center. She almost did a depression right then and there. Dr. Harata! Still the same as ever. He’s been playing Karuta for 45 years, but he doesn’t know why he likes it.

Kana-chan is the real mistress of the school Karuta club. She loves to clean stuff, I guess, and Chihaya is a dummy on the subject. Also, lots of people dropped the school club, which is not surprising. Chihaya’s first training was enough to drive most people crazy. The next meeting made sure only one person was left: Tsukuba (he’s looks a lot like Sudo and he also only likes attractive people). His small difference is probably that he learned a different form of Karuta when he was younger.

Sumire-chan is starting to understand that people you call “friends” might not exactly be your “friends.” Especially if after a few days you all have nothing to say to each other. Unfortunately, she’s a bit too focused on getting a boyfriend. She went back to the club though, so she could lay her hands on Taichi (well saying it out loud probably wasn’t a good idea). Kana-chan won her over. She cut her nails, she’s probably going to drop the mascara a bit too.

This show is all about playing a memory game, but the character interactions are freaking amazing.

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