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I decided to only keep Chihayafuru S2, Psycho-Pass, and Shin Sekai Yori. This means no more Hakkenden or Amnesia. After three episodes, they just got boring and my free time got shorter. Chihayafuru is picking up and is as awesome as ever. Psycho-Pass has its “break the system” episode and does it in a quite violent way. Shin Sekai Yori continues on the monster rat subplot, except they do it with a ten-year time jump.

Chihayafuru s2, ep 3

We finally see Arata, and he finishes second in a tournament against another member of his club. He isn’t happy, but his goal is the school championship. He wants to play against Chihaya and another unknown opponent.

Looks like Chihaya’s school will still wear hakama and kimono for competition once more. Oe-chan sees Chihaya as a male member and she’s all happy that Surime is girly. This is despite Chihaya looking fabulous in her hakama too.

Students kneel in rows playing karuta, a card game
School competition and pretty clothes.

Oh no, the new guy (Tsukuba) has brothers (all one year apart), who are thought to run into pretty people. WTF! They’re glued to Chihaya right away. They also seem a big fan of their nii-san.

Woah, Chihaya is on fire. Perfect scores. Tsubaka wasn’t as lucky in his match; he was super nervous and they put him up against the other school captain. Ouch.

Wait, wait, wait! The Queen (from last season, I don’t remember her name right now) knows Arata from his younger years. Chihaya will just have more reason to beat her now. This should be interesting.

Psycho-pass, ep 14

That is a rough start: two murders in the span of 30 seconds. The opening changed again, too, and the follow up was just as crazy.  A guy is killing a woman in the middle of the street, nobody does anything about it, and the freaking drone doesn’t realize it.

The whole Sibyl system is going down in plain sight right there and it shows the big gap in society that it introduced: people can’t recognize a crime when they see one. Although the crimes were done through cheating: the killer was wearing a helmet that copies other people’s psycho-pass and sends it back to the system.

It’s also crazy to see that Akane’s CC is 32 while she’s investigating the house of the killer and just saw how psycho he was. They finally made a plan to capture him by forcing him to copy one of the enforcers in order to shoot him with the dominator.

While this was happening, a trio of thieves used the helmet to steal money from an armored car. They were not caught by the Bureau and went to see Makishima to, well, steal his precious toys from him. They got their asses trashed.

Shin Sekai Yori, ep 17

Saki is all grown up and her job is observing and regulating exospecies (aka monster rats). To do that she “breeds” them. She also wonders why their ancestors selected them for slave labor in the first place.

OK this is funny, monster rat colonies have to fill out a “war application” before going to war with another colony. Otherwise, they risk exterminations. I wonder how often they do so. Satoru seems to wonder the same thing. Looks likes a colony that was helping the village was attacked in an ambush. So the Giant Hornet (good guy monster rats) and Robber Fly (Sqealer’s group) are the two monster rat “empires.” Squealer is a lying little bastard who just got cornered by Tomiko.

Monster rat holding firearm
Firearms. They have firearms!

Oh crap, monster rats now have firearms. It also seems like they are plotting something nasty now. The colony that was “illegally” attacked switched sides to their “attackers.”  And now the most loyal monster rat colony is no more. Looks that it might have been destroyed by something else than monster rats, going by the preview.

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