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Best of Etsy: Valentine’s Day Cards

Since Valentine’s Day is a a week away, I scoured the internet (read: fell down an Etsy hole) looking for the best Valentine’s Day cards. Here are my finds.

For the young (or young at heart)

Swedish Fish!

Card shaped like a fish bowl with the message "You're the only fish in the sea for me," in a plastic baggie with several Swedish Fish candies
This is such a cute idea!

Adventure Time!

Valentine showing Jake the dog from Adventure Time saying, "Did you take a bath in rainbows and cupcakes?"
Why, yes, I did.

For the cat lover

I love you more than all the cats on all the Internets.

Valentine that says "I love you more than all the cats on all of the internets" and has drawings of several dozen cat faces
That’s saying a lot.

I love you almost as much as I love the cat.

Pink valentine card that says "I love you almost as much as I love the cat," with a drawing of a white cat.
Almost, but not quite.

For those that love a good pun

Pizza my heart.

Valentine that has a drawing of a pizza with one piece missing, message reads "You take a pizza of my heart."

Ewe are for me!

Valentine card that has a drawing of a sheep on a heart-shaped patch of grass, captioned "Ewe are for me."

And now, the absolute perfect ones

Favorite Ex-boyfriend.

Woman's hand holding a card that reads, "You're my favorite ex-boyfriend."

For PileOfMonkeys – Daryl Dixon

Valentine with a drawing of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead holding a crossbow, message reads "On Valentine's Day, the only person I want to see with a bow and arrow is Daryl Dixon."
You are so very welcome, PoM.

I wish I had enough time to order this one for Mr. qSS.

Valentine card that reads "I like you and naps."
I’ll be honest, I really love naps.

And saving the very best for last, UNICORNS!!!!!

Three cards with brightly colored unicorns on a chevron background, message at the bottom reads "Happy Valentine's Day from Leah."
Chevron unicorns, no less.

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