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Best of Etsy – Warm Beverage Edition

Ugh. This winter. Mother Nature, you must be on some good stuff, because you’ve been out of your mind lately. I went to work today wearing my work clothes and a scarf. It was in the mid-40s. On my way home, we had several inches of snow. I could only think of how good a cup of cocoa or tea would be when I got home. As much as I adore a good hot beverage, I love love love the vessels that hold said beverages. Our mug shelf is doubled and even tripled up in some places. I may have a problem. But! My tendency to collect too many mugs is your gain here b/c I’ve spent way too much time looking through the “cups and mugs” tag on Etsy to bring you the best I could find. 

Industrial Safari has amazing steampunk-looking pottery. You can tell by looking at the photos that those are some sturdy, heavy mugs – which happen to be my favorite kind.

A stoneware mug with a neutral pattern.
Can’t you just imagine wrapping your hands around it?

Stainton Ceramics has some really lovely textured items, which seems like their specialty. I really loved this piece.

Gray, textured, handle-less mug.
I’m a fairly tactile person, and this makes me want to touch it.

SkybirdArts has many whimsical pieces. Mermaids, seahorses, cups shaped like faces. I especially love the detail work that is put into the handles, like with the following piece.

Patina colored mug with a large seahorse as a handle.

PeachBlossomPottery, I want to own just about everything in this shop. The shapes, the colors, all of it.

Large stoneware mug with colors similar to a painted desert.
Especially this one.

InAGlaze is a one-stop-shop for all of your cookie mug needs. Cookie mugs are pretty awesome.

Cookie Monster themed mug with an undercompartment for which to hold ALL THE COOKIES. Nom nom nom.
It has a compartment. FOR YOUR COOKIES!!!!

Hx5 Designs has some great novelty mugs, including Doctor Who-inspired ones like this:

White mug with clever rhyme about Daleks, based on "Soft Kitty" from "The Big Bang Theory."
Soft dalek, warm dalek, little ball of hate….

I could go on and on (and on) with about 50 (or 100) more shops with truly amazing wares, but I don’t know if my bank account could survive the temptation that researching would cause. If you have any favorite shops to get great mugs, share them in the comments!

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