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Best of Tumblr: Nothing Nemo Edition

A lot of tumblr last week was preoccupied with Nor’easter Nemo, but the tumblr world moves so fast that, by Friday, it had moved on to the normal preoccupations of tumblr: fandoms, food, gifs, beautiful things, funny things, and Miley Cyrus. This is what I crown the Best of Tumblr: Nothing Nemo Edition.


The fandoms on tumblr are out in full force this Valentine’s Day. Want some Comic Sans Avengers Valentines? What about Pastel West Wing Valentines? Some Glee? Golden Girls? Historical Figures and High School Lit? Various fandoms, including¬†Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, King Kong,¬†and Doctor Who? Teen Wolf? As tempting as that CJ Cregg one is, I think this one’s stolen my heart:

A Valentine: Illustration of King Richard III with text: "Wars of roses are red, smothered nephews are blue, I'd wait 500 years under a carpark for you."
It’s so wrong it’s funny. Image via


Like Italian Soda? FuckingRecipes has a hilarious, informative, and NSFW profanity filled tutorial on how to make your own. You better bet the next time I head to the supermarket, I’m picking up the necessary supplies. (Adapted from Sugar and Charm if you want a less funny and more SFW read.)

Butterbeer Cupcakes. Using schnapps. I want to go to there.


Street art tells a story in a beautiful way.

A Dutch couple takes pictures of their English Sheepdogs every day. And my heart explodes from the cute.

Two english sheepdogs playing on a green hillside.
Image: Cees Bol / Rex Features

Delightful fan art for The Fault In Our Stars by AndiRee.

An animated gif from the show Don't Trust the B: The character of Chloe puts on sunglasses. Text reads: "This isn't about you, this is about me. Like everything!"
gif via


We mourn the cancellation of Don’t Trust the B- in APT 23 with this gif set of the B’s best moments. Goodbye, Chloe… we hardly knew ye.


This (I think oldish, going by Miley’s hair) video of Miley Cyrus covering Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” is making the rounds, surprising people with her voice. As one tumblee pointed out, Parton is her godmother, so one would think Miley wouldn’t even try a cover unless she could knock it out of the park.


Four Non Blondes’ “What’s Up” + Les Miserables = GOLD. Just go look. One image will not do it justice.

Calming Manatee features a guest image from Amanda Chronister, detailing the cuteness that manatees are made of.

MRAs were all up on twitter last week, using the hashtag #INeedMasculismBecause. A bunch of guys invaded the hashtag with the best weapon ever: satire. SKTagg23 compiles some of the best tweets.

A screencap of a tweet. Text reads: "#INeedMasculismBecause women live with the constant threat of violence, but I have to fear someone on tumblr being mean about my fedora."
My personal favorite. Screencap via

Just Because

Make this your mantra this week, Persephoneers! Have a great one!

A picture of a unicorn in front of a rainbow on a beach. Text reads: "Bitch, please, I'm a unicorn!"
Image via


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