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Board Game Review: Apples to Apples

I write today, Persephoneers, to give my impression of a board game that I had the pleasure of testing out last week with my husband and a friend. I know that it’s been out a while, but I had never played it before, and it was really fun. It’s called Apples to Apples.

Box for the board game Apples to ApplesThe game is simple: there are two decks of cards. One is red, and one is green. Each player is dealt seven cards from the red deck. The person chosen to go first then flips over a green card. Once the card is shown, the rest of the players that did not flip over the card look through the 7 cards in their hand. The goal is to try and find a card in your hand which as a word that most closely matches with the green card. For instance: if the green card said “comical,” and you had the Steve Martin card, you might wish to play that card because Steve Martin is comical. The cards are placed face down so that no one can see them and handed to the player who flipped the green card. That player then reveals them and chooses the “winner” of that round (i.e. the card that matches the green card best), and the winner takes the green card. Another red card is then given to those who played them this turn. The play then goes clockwise, alternating who will flip the green card, until one player has won a determined amount of green cards (the number is listed on the side of the box, based on the number of players).

Yes, this is a relatively simple game, but it can also be hilarious, especially if no one has a card that easily gels with the green card. In such a case, it is commonplace to throw out something absurd and funny, which might actually win you a card if the green card flipper likes it enough. It also never gets old, since the chance of the same combinations coming out is quite slim. All in all, I would definitely recommend this for a casual board game night: it’s competitive enough to be enjoyable, but not so much as to cause arguments or end friendships. Give it a try!

For your enjoyment, a link to a YouTube commercial for the game here:

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Amanda – (I tried to send a PM, but I’m a giant fail at WordPress.) If you do boardgames – have you ever tried Betrayal At The House On The Hill? Nothing like Apples to Apples, not a card game, a board game instead – but it’s one of the most unique, amazing, fun ones I’ve ever come across.

Send ’em over to On the top, there’s a very simple explanation that you play a black card with a situation on it, and everyone else tries to play the most offensive, horrible, utterly WRONG white card to get the funniest solution.


Black card: I got 99 problems but ________ ain’t one.

White card played in response: Concealing a giant boner.

Yes!! I loooove Cards Against Humanity! Hilarious good times. I was at a party last month where people were starting to leave around 11pm, then someone pulled out Cards Against Humanity and I don’t think I left until almost 3am. No one realized how long we’d been playing, we just wanted to keep going!

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