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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Are a Hoot

It’s time to do a little reading. And then watch an adorable owl.

I work in advertising and write for many lady brands. This post on ridiculous questions asked of women in advertisements spoke to me. The Hairpin

I really want the Dalek earrings. Doctor Who 50th anniversary jewelry. The Mary Sue

I went to Catholic school, so I never had a dress code. But lots of girls do. Does this even help them? XXfactor

Is a mom who saves her kid from a freezing river a hero? Cafemom

Why did Sports Illustrated think it was okay to have a model risk hypothermia just to get a shot in Antarctica? XXfactor

Make your own lip stain! RookieMag

You know what? Some people think P and V sex isn’t all that great. And that’s okay. xojane

Not a ladyblog, but the story of the owl behind the car grill was the best thing I saw all week.

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I read that xojane article and all I can think of is Xander on Buffy, Season 4 “Nothing can withstand the penis!!” Or something to that effect. And then me giggling like an idiot as Buffy and Willow speedwalk to get away from his embarrassing declaration. Yeah, that woman’s detractors are the ones to be pitied.

Also, am I the only person creeped out by owls? Maybe one too many viewings of Once Upon A Forest? Those demonic eyes? No? Just me?

Okay, I actually was lucky enough to go to Antarctica a few years ago, and did go out in a bathing suit to go in the hot springs on Deception Island. We had ship crew standing at the ready to help us bundle back up after taking our dip because even though the ground was hot as fuck, the water and the outside temperature was fucking FREEZING. The fact that they had her out on that shoot for 6 days makes me ragey. Seriously ragey. I can’t imagine how traumatized her body must have been spending that much time exposed to the elements.

I hated the dress code at my school. Skirts could be no shorter than 2″ above the top of the knee, and shorts weren’t allowed at all (in TEXAS!) until I was in junior high, and the 2″ rule applied to them too. I got pulled out of class in 6th grade because my skirt was a quarter fucking inch too short in the back. Even then I was creeped out that adults were scrutinizing my 11-year-old thighs so closely and that I had to miss a lesson while waiting for my mom to bring me a change of clothes. Because obviously I didn’t deserve to learn if my legs might distract other people. (Mom later got the last laugh by sewing a tiny strip of lace onto the hem. Ha!)

And the hero story bugged the crap out of me. Admittedly, I thought from the headline that the story was going to shame her for letting her kid fall in the river in the first place, and the author did acknowledge that kids are fast and accidents happen. But it was just weirdly smug to say we can’t call her a hero because she was just doing what moms are supposed to do. I don’t think we’d see the same article if a dad jumped in a freezing river to save his kid.

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