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Kickstartable: Twelve Complete Indian Feasts

Nom. Nom. Nom. This week’s Kickstartable project brings us to the kitchen. This project caught my eye last week because, well, it’s visually stunning. And Indian food is delicious. And I may have been hungry at the time. ANYWAY.

This project was created by Nandita, the creator of Curry Cravings. Curry Cravings focuses on creative, holistic dining with an Indian flair. This particular project is to fund an e-cookbook featuring twelve complete Indian feasts. Again, I say nom. Here’s what Nandita has to say about the project.

Tell us a little about your Kickstarter project. What do you hope to accomplish with the funds raised?

“A Dozen Ways to Celebrate” is a one-of-a-kind cookbook, showing folks how to recreate 12 complete Indian feasts. Each “feast” item was once the menu for secret supper. The book includes modifications for everyday dinners, diets, caloric counts, and more.

The funds we raise will be directed towards creating an e-book.

Is this your first Kickstarter project? If so, what made you make the leap to engaging the world community to promote your cause?

Yes, this is my first Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter community supports and promotes creative projects, like mine, and gives me an audience that I would not otherwise receive. As a project itself, it has global appeal.

What was the most challenging part of getting your Kickstarter presentation together?

Creating a balance between the deliverable and the attractive rewards is a tricky act.

What has been the most pleasantly surprising thing since your video has been live?

I was able to track the viewership of the video. Being able to understand where the traffic came from, as well as the response from my existing “cheer-squad” has been the most pleasant part of the process so far.

What’s your project’s biggest selling point?

This is a unique project and unlike any other on Kickstarter or in the marketplace. It makes the project stand-out.

Last week, when I selected this project and sent my interview questions to Nandita, momentum had just started to build for her project. As I write this, her project has been fully funded!! The next step – the print version of the book. I can only imagine how gorgeous a printed book created by her will be.

This project can be funded for the next 50 days, and I won’t be surprised if the funds are raised for a print book as well!

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