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Lunchtime Poll: 02/11/13: What Makes Your Skin Crawl?

Happy Monday, Persephoneers! Yesterday I was talking to some friends who I’ve know for some time, and they learned something new about me. Ferrets and El Caminos make me squirm. It’s a true story, and one that doesn’t come up unless someone bring up getting a weaslely new pet or a classic car-truck (I mean really, they’re just ridiculous).

My cousin can’t have ketchup on her plate. My husband doesn’t eat food with his fingers. We all have our “things.” What are yours?

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Off-topic: the hardware store in my neighborhood is closed on Sundays, so my dad was going to go to Home Depot to get something he needed, then he stopped and said something like “I’d rather not, because the owner supports Republican assholes” and googled until he found a non-corporation hardware store that’s only a little farther from the apartment.

I prefer to eat with plastic utensils because the sound of metal hitting metal or silverware scratching a plate makes me hideously uncomfortable. It started when i had braces for most of my childhood, and if a fork hit my braces I would almost vomit. Two decades later and I still eat with plastic. My mom sets out a plastic set at family dinners; my nana sets my place at the table with plastic. I only eat with real silverware if there is no other option, or I am at a restaurant.

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