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Lunchtime Poll 2/12/13: Movie Life

Congratulations! You’re about to be transplanted right smack dab in the middle of a movie, and you have ten seconds to decide which one.

I’ll be hanging out inĀ Labyrinth, chilling with Hoggle, fighting the goblin army on my way to the center of the Labyrinth, and making a very different decision than Sarah does when I meet Jareth. (David Bowie or a screaming baby? Sorry Toby, I’m going with the Goblin King here).

David Bowie as Jareth in the movie Labyrinth, spinning three crystal balls in his hand and then releasing one to float away
Oh boy.
Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie dancing, from the movie Labyrinth, captioned "I'll be there for you as the world falls down
Sarah, you and I have very different priorities.

How about you?

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