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Lunchtime Poll 2/4/13: I See London, I See France, Let’s Talk About Your Underpants

Last week, I got together with friends and as we were wrapping up, a friend announced she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Which led to a hilarious conversation about under things. She was commando because she’d forgotten to pack them in her gym bag. Then the stories started – the friend of a friend who doesn’t own any underwear, the ladies who go without when they need to do laundry, or those like me who’d rather turn a pair inside out than not wear any at all.

What’s your preference?

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All the time. Sometimes I fall asleep in them and just change them the next day. I love my underwear. Sometimes that’s all I wear around the house (because I’m a little too shy, even when I’m the only person there -_-).

I went through an extended period of commando. I stopped wearing panties to see if it would stop the butt zits (it did, and they’ve never come back). I started wearing them again when I got pregnant with J (I’d tell you why but I honestly have nfc), and now with the surprise! and clots!! factor of perimenopause I don’t dare give them up again for a while.

First chance I get, those fuckers are gone.

when at home and in PJs or something comfy: no undies
when being sporty and in running or biking shorts: no undies
when I somehow forget to throw them in a gym bag or overnight bag: no undies
when in longer-ish skirts (about knee): no undies (especially when it’s hot out)

jeans: undies
short skirts: undies
cold weather: undies

If I’m not wearing one of the things above, it’s a toss-up. According to pictures of me when I was little, my trend against underwear is nothing new.

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