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Lunchtime Poll: Birthday Wishes, 2/28/13

So February has come and gone again. It feels like we were just talking about the New Year, and now 2013 officially has two months on us.

My birthday is coming up in March, so I’m thinking about celebrating. Sometimes it makes me sad that we adults don’t have the same kind of great parties kids get, but I guess that’s what happens when you get old and jaded. On the trade off, you get to invite who you want to your parties now, instead of having to invite all the kids in your class so that no one feels left out, even the kids that bullied you or put your pigtails in the inkwells or chased you home with their dinosaur, if you’re as old as I am.

So I want to know what your favorite birthday-related memory is. It can be a kid memory or adult one, I just want to know something that made you happy.

For me, I always go back to my 4th birthday party, where my aunt baked me a Wonder Woman cake. I had a big thing for WW: I had the dolls, I had the Underroos, I had the birthday cake, and its something that’s carried over into my adult life. I have such fond memories of that party that I actually tracked down the cake form from 1979 and bought it for future use. It’s in reserve for when I really need it.

A wee Slay Belle holding her new Wonder Woman underoos.
A wee Slay Belle in her natural habitat.

By [E] Slay Belle

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Nice post, it’s my birthday today :)

I had the day off work (my office gives you your birthday off) and my boyfriend and I went and did an archery lesson. New, fun, challenging, and now I have beer and stroopwafels… I think this will be one of the good ones :)

Hee, my 42nd birthday. I was turning a magic number, and circumstances dictated that I would spend the entire weekend sans kids and husband. My sister was aghast at the idea and kept insisting she should drive over, until I pointed out I was guaranteed that for the whole weekend, not one person would ask me to take care of them.

It was glorious.

I had those Underoos too! I was all about the WW.

My birthday sucked 99.9999% of the time. I moved every year, so I was always the new kid/outcast. Plus my birthday is in January, so it either snowed or everyone was sick (not that they would have shown up anyways). I’ve tried to make up for it as an adult and have at least one good year/party, but that has not panned out either.

The one and only exception was the year that my father scored a bootleg VHS of Star Wars (long enough after it had been in theatres and before it was actually released). I had people (plural) at my party! We had popcorn and I was ‘cool’ for a couple of hours. Who’d have thunk that Star Wars would have made you cool?

I think my favorite birthday memory would have to be when I turned 16. My family was traveling a lot for my parents’ work, and we were on a road trip from Seattle to Orange County-where my grandma used to live. Our halfway point on the trip found us in San Francisco so we stayed there for a few days. During our stay, I turned 16.

Since we couldn’t really throw a party, I decided I wanted to recreate my first birthday which had taken place in a park in Yakima, WA–also on a trip for my parents’ work. At my first birthday, we had chicken from KFC and fudgesicles, so in SF, we found a KFC close to our hotel and grabbed ice cream on the way home. I know it’s not an exciting story, but it was a fun birthday. :)

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