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Lunchtime Poll: Pool, Beach, or Other?

OK, people, this winter nonsense has gone on long enough.

In just six short days, I’ll be on a plane to a tropical destination to get as far away from this cold/snowy/slushy/gray landscape as I can. My vacation spot has both a beach and a pool available for my lounging purposes. I plan to split my time evenly, since I’m definitely an ocean baby, but still like the calm (and lack of sand) that a pool offers.

When you’re by the water, do you have a preference? Or do you prefer to stay inside?

Photograph of a Caribbean beach
This is where you can find me, drink in hand.

[Photo my own.]

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I love snorkeling in nice clear water. I can snorkel all damn day, and I’m dying to learn to scuba dive now that my asthma’s a lot better. But I hate going in the ocean if it’s gross like in the northeast. I’d much rather go to a pool than a seaweed-y cold-ass NY beach.

The trail! I’m not a beach person because I get bored, but put me in the middle of the wilderness, preferably with a river or a mountain around, and I’m in heaven.

Though I will say that one of the BEST hiking trips I’ve done is down to the shores of Lake Superior at Pictured Rocks. There are dozens of waterfalls that just flow into the river and in the summer, they get warm, and you can just sit there for ages. Then you watch the sunset from the shore and get a campfire going. It’s awesome.

Beach, usually, because I’m not a sunbather (skin so pale it’s transparent+freckles+2nd-degree sunburns means I don’t like the sun and the sun doesn’t like me). But there are many things that can be done beachside – like surfing, paddleboarding, scuba diving (a wetsuit is sunscreen), swimming, and sitting under an umbrella in a maxidress and hoodie watching the world go by.

My only preference is to be IN the water. If I’m near it, then I’m in it. The Mister and I generally prefer going to the beach if we’re going to be together, though, because he has less of a tolerance for being in the water for a really long time but loves to build sand castles. Once he gets bored, he plays in the sand and leaves me in the ocean, and it works out great.

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