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Lunchtime Poll: Who’s Your Favorite President?

Good Monday, Persephoneers! It’s Presidents’ Day here in the States, which means I’ll probably check my mail three times and wonder why there isn’t any each time. Today’s poll is thematic– who’s your favorite U.S. president? If you’ve got the day off, what are you up to?

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In honor of both Presidents’ Day and the fact that I’m a giant nerd:

Three word presidencies

George Washington: America’s brand new!
John Adams: Federalist; fought France.
Thomas Jefferson: Louisiana Purchase; Monticello.
James Madison: War of 1812.
James Monroe: Monroe Doctrine; Missouri.
John Quincy Adams: Diplomat; first “junior.”
Andrew Jackson: Old Hickory; nullification.
Martin Van Buren: Trail of Tears.
William Henry Harrison: Shortest. Presidency. Ever.
John Tyler: Declared himself President.
James K. Polk: Got shit done.
Zachary Taylor: Died in office.
Millard Fillmore: Cabinet all quit.
Franklin Pierce: Screwed shit up.
James Buchanan: Dred Scott; secession.
Abraham Lincoln: Emancipation Proclamation; assassinated.
Andrew Johnson: First President impeached.
Ulysses S. Grant: Reconstruction, nepotism, scandals.
Rutherford B. Hayes: Great Railroad Strike.
James Garfield: 200 days, assassinated.
Chester A. Arthur: Strengthened the Navy.
Grover Cleveland: First, government reform.
Benjamin Harrison: Grover Cleveland’s placeholder.
Grover Cleveland: Second, tariff and gold.
William McKinley: Spanish-American War.
Theodore Roosevelt: “Softly; big stick.”
William Howard Taft: Reclusive trust-buster.
Woodrow Wilson: World War I.
Warren G. Harding: Really pretty awful.
Calvin Coolidge: “Silent”; laissez-faire.
Herbert Hoover: Crash! Great Depression.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: World War II.
Harry S. Truman: “Buck stops here.”
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Cold War; Asia.
John F. Kennedy: Cuba, integration, Zapruder.
Lyndon B. Johnson: Great Society; Vietnam.
Richard M. Nixon: “Not a crook.”
Gerald Ford: Accession, pardon, Vietnam.
James (Jimmy) Carter: Better after presidency.
Ronald Reagan: Reaganomics, Cold War.
George H. W. Bush: USSR, Gulf, recession.
William J. Clinton: Jazz, Whitewater, BJs.
George W. Bush: Dumb and dangerous.
Barack Obama: Not over yet.

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