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Lunchtime Poll: Your Trashy, Guilty Pleasures

Dear Persephoneers, today I’m thinking about guilty pleasures.

The Swan Diaries Cover

We ask about them occasionally, but its a topic I think can’t be mined enough. What are your guilty pleasures? The trashier, the better. We won’t tell. Scout’s honor.

For me, as soon as I found out about the recently published tell all about the gone and non-lamented reality show, The Swan, I totally bought it. And immediately started reading it. I know, I know. I shouldn’t watch terrible and exploitative reality shows, or waste my precious time reading about them, but a girl can not survive on Law and Order reruns alone.

Psst: You can buy The Swan Diaries for $3.99 on Kindle.

By [E] Slay Belle

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3 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Your Trashy, Guilty Pleasures”

Terrible sequels to Pride and Prejudice. I actually haven’t read any in a while, but they’re mostly hilarious. Darcy’s a vampire! Everyone is bisexual and hooring it up all over the place! Darcy and Lizzie have sex every single day but Bingley can’t quite get the hang of it and Jane is frustrated! It’s about one step above bad fanfic (though some of the books are genuinely pretty good and are just using P&P as a way to draw readers in).

My trashy guilt pleasure is watching the Biggest Loser. Same as Slay, I know I shouldn’t watch terrible and exploitative reality shows… but it’s really the only one I watch. And sometimes I do pick up some new work outs from there!

I also drink beer in the shower/bath after a hard day. This usually also leads to some terrible singing in the shower.

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