Mid-Week News: The Worst

Lord. Have. And. Mercy. My loves, is it already that time again?

Of course it is! Welcome back, you kittens of wonder, you poodles of delight, you precious pips of political and current media sunshine. Here we are again, convening back at this lovely little corner of Persephone, to keep us up-to-date on all the types of shenanigans that make our world go round. So pop your favorite uppers, and swish back your favorite downers, and let’s hop to it!

Mor Ostrovski's photo shows what appears to be a Palestinian boy in the crosshairs of a rifle [Instagram]
Mor Ostrovski’s photo shows what appears to be a Palestinian boy in the crosshairs of a rifle [Instagram] (Image from Al Jazeera)
General John R. Allen, the four-star Marine Corps officer who served until earlier this month as the top commander in Afghanistan, will retire from the military to focus on “health issues within his family.” (NY Times)

Armed men disguised as police officers stole $50 million in diamonds on Tuesday. Reports say that the men drove onto the tarmac at the international airport in Brussels on Monday night, and as the diamonds were being loaded onto a plane bound for Switzerland, the men stole them. (NY Times)

The death of Robert Sayler, a twenty-six-year-old man with Down syndrome, who was reportedly killed after lying face-down in police custody, has now been officially ruled a homicide. (Huffington Post, ABC7)

Shortly before his scheduled execution in Georgia, Warren Hill, a man with an IQ of 70, was granted a stay of execution by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The state’s own doctors say Warren Hill is too disabled for the death penalty. (Mother Jones)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned home to Venezuela after more than two months of medical treatment in Cuba after cancer surgery. (Al Jazeera)

An Israeli soldier has caused outrage with a photo published on a popular photo-sharing website that shows the crosshairs of a rifle aimed at the head of what appears to be a Palestinian boy. (Al Jazeera)

Oh yes. We feel you, baby. We can’t say with certainty that it’s all this bad everywhere. Either way, the world keeps spinning and those news stories keep coming, so remember kids, when things look rough (as they always do with the news), stock up on the good stuff, because it’s going to be a long journey. We just can’t wait to see you here again.

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I have some WORDS for HuffPo’s crime editor right now OMG. I hadn’t realized how poorly HuffPo did covering this, because most of my information came from local sources.

Saying he was laying face down is misleading. He was restrained face down, handcuffed based on refusing to leave a theatre. Laying has a completely different implication, one of self-motive or at least willingness to follow a request.

Police custody is also misleading- the cops were not on duty as cops, but were working second jobs as security guards. However, this detail seems to show up in relatively few reports? But my local sources seem to have consensus with how their position is described in WaPo:

Grrrrrr, normally I fist Shake WaPo and point to HuffPo. Then this stuff happens. (HuffPo also fairly often promotes infantilizing blog posts about PwD, but I’m used to that.)

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