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New Show Recap: Justified, Episode 4.03, “This Bird has Flown”

What do pretty blondes, cheap whores and cockfighting have in common? Well, nothing – unless you’re one of the writers for Justified and then they’re all just part of the fun of a new episode!

Still from Justified of Lindsay and Randall
Grifter Barbie and Fighter Randall, fighting chickens sold separately

Lindsay, the pretty blonde in the equation, flew the coop last week, taking with her the extra (illegal) bounty money Raylan has been earning on the side. If there was any question about whether or not she left with Randall (the ex-husband) willingly, we get the answer when we see the two of them pay a visit to Redneck Fighter Guy. She hands over an envelope full of Raylan’s money ($20K) in return for his help connecting Randall to the fighters he wants to manage. The next morning, she’s back to pulling the same scam she and Randall ran before – she distracts a store clerk while Randall steals booze. No sooner do the two of them have a celebratory Dixie cup of cheap champagne, though, Randall is also back to his old tricks, namely returning to the store to beat the shit out of the store clerk she distracted.

Meanwhile Raylan, with Rachel’s help, is trying to track the two of them down. They end up at Redneck Fighter Guy’s house, too, and interrupt him mid-threesome-coitus in order to ask him a few questions about Randall and Lindsay, which he’s more than happy to answer, especially after Raylan grabs his junk when he tries to say no.

In case you were wondering, this is where the cockfighting comes in. Those “fighters” Randall wants to manage are roosters. Welcome to Kentucky, y’all!

While Randall is pummeling the hapless store clerk, Lindsay calls Raylan from a pay phone. When Randall catches her on the phone, she plays it off as a call to 911 so the clerk will get the medical help she’s sure he needs. What Randall also doesn’t know is that when she was flirting with the clerk earlier, she dropped a clue about where they were headed. When Raylan tracks her call down to the store, the clerk repeats what Lindsay told him about a farm down the road.

Which brings us to Raylan taking a shot at Randall with a beanbag shotgun before Randall beats the crap out of him and Lindsay shoots them both with the non-lethal weapon. With both men down for the count, Lindsay disappears. She does have one last good deed in her: she tells Raylan his money is all in the van she and Randall were just about to run away in – and by money she means cages full of $20,000 worth of fighting chickens. Good luck making that deposit at the bank!

Three guesses who the cheap whore of the night is, and if you didn’t say “Ellen May,” you haven’t been paying attention. Bless her heart, her hopes of eternal redemption weren’t strong enough to survive the death by snake of Preacher Billy, so she comes back to Ava hoping to get her old job back. What Ava can’t be sure of, though, is what Ellen May might have revealed when she was confessing her sins – like, Ava killing DelRoy.

Still from Justified of Ellen May and Colton in the car
Ellen May sees the light

In an effort to find out what secrets Ellen May might have spilled, Boyd has Sheriff Shelby send deputies out to find Cassie. Once she’s in his office, Shelby plays the “I’m here to help” card by asking her what, if anything, she might know that he can use to take Boyd down. Cassie accuses Boyd of being a drug selling whore-monger but doesn’t admit to knowing anything else. Shelby apparently believes her and so does Boyd, who is secretly listening in on the conversation via speaker phone. Personally, I’m not so sure Cassie’s story is done. If she’s bent on revenge, being able to get to Boyd through Ava would be a good place to start.

But Ava is appeased and makes plans to send Ellen May to live in Alabama. Ellen May, though, just isn’t smart enough to leave well enough alone. In a moment of clarity, she figures out that Ava is sending her away because of what might come out of her big mouth”¦ so what does she do? She bursts into the crowded bar and loudly promises not to say anything about what she’s not saying anything about because she knows she’s not supposed to say anything about it.

And right then, you just know there’s no way Ava and Boyd can leave Ellen May alive.

Ostensibly driving her to the bus stop so she can start a new life in Alabama, Colt gets a phone call from Boyd. We only hear his side of the conversation, but it’s plain from his reaction what his new instructions are. Colt isn’t quite as lacking a moral code as Boyd is, though, and he pulls into a gas station so he can escape into the bathroom to take a quick snort of something powdery to steel his backbone for the kill shot. When he comes out, Ellen May has disappeared into the night. She may be dumb but she’s not stupid.

And I quote: “Boyd Crowder is unfettered by conscience, absent any moral compass that you and me might reckon by”¦”

Still from Justified of Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, looking tired.
He looks tired, doesn’t he? I have somewhere he can bunk down….


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The character that really frightens me this season is Ava. Her concern that she would always have to worry about Ellen May was such an obvious ploy to justify Ellen May being killed. It really lacked finesse.

I was surprised to see Colt getting so emotional, but maybe he has a weakness for stupid people. Also, Ellen May reminded me of a happy dog looking out the window (I’m a dog lover, so this is not an insult), which also might have stirred some compassion in Colton.

I wondered about Colton. He didn’t have any problem killing the “reformed” drug dealer when he just *thought* Boyd was telling him to, so what was it about Ellen May that made him pause? That she was a woman? That she seems so non-threatening? It put him in a different light, IMO.

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