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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.02, “Spin Out”

So many questions and anticipations arise with this new team focus. I wonder, will the teams stay together, will they get shaken up as on other team challenge reality shows, or will they stay nice? The first question is answered by Heidi–at least for this week. The teams stay together this week, to the relief of many and dismay of others.

No shake-ups yet. I sort of feel like we’re watching Survivor: Project Runway, where everyone works together and supports each other until the end. I expect alliances to be formed any episode now.

Let’s check in with our lovely designers.

Dream team:

These designers took being on the bottom really hard. No one wants to go home or lose again, so they all strive to work together. Benjamin points out, again, that he is a born leader and will listen to his instinct about when to take charge. Cindy doesn’t appreciate his leading her by the hand. Others feel she was being too sensitive. I can see her side, though. One challenge doesn’t show who you are. But if you lose two, Cindy, will you still be there for three? Each member of the team strives to communicate and collaborate.

Their time with Tim went very smoothly, until Benjamin and Cindy. Her jacket, according to Tim, is “beautifully made” but the shirt is a completely different woman. He calls Benjamin’s tank wackadoodle. Hmm”¦ did the natural born leader miss the instinct cue? I don’t hate Benjamin. I love his accent and his look. That said, he does have a large ego and always talks about what he has done and his amazing design experiences. It rubs me the wrong way. I prefer someone to show me what they can do, not spout off about it. But as we learned in past seasons, we will get to know them so much better the longer a designer stays”¦ remember Gunnar? I hated him and his attitude but he showed a kind caring heart later that changed that perception of him and we all hated Venn. Every show needs a villain. Perhaps the producers are trying to do that with Benjamin.

Tim explains that their pieces don’t seem to be coming together as a group, causing them to shake in their boots. Other members start commenting that Benjamin needs to focus on himself rather than the team a bit more. Michelle is ready to abandon ship. But by runway time, they feel confident again and their looks are more cohesive.

Keeping it Real:

They were relieved to have the team intact. As a team, they decided that there was no good way to divide the labor of five outfits so they paired up apparently strong designers with weaker ones. Those who were in the top three chose partners who seemed to struggle more. Each member sought to learn from the other. Daniel showed Layana a quick technique for sewing pants that she hadn’t done in her schooling. She was impressed. After meeting with Tim, they were all more confident with their looks. At runway time that confidence dwindled.

The Results:

Team Keeping It Real wins again with both menswear designs and Daniel and Layana’s women’s wear designs in the top.

Daniel and Layana's winning outfit from Project Runway episode 11x02.
Daniel and Layana
Stanley's outfit from Project Runway episode 11x02.
Stanley’s black shirt and drop crotch pants
Richard and Joseph's outfit from Project Runway episode 11x02.
This is a what the heck for me. But the judges loved Richard and Joseph’s play with print.

Layana won for her adorable apron-front skorts that surprised guest judge Susan Sarandon, who had never seen such a garment item before. That poor woman has missed out.

Dream Team loses with Benjamin and Cindy’s outfit, James’ design, and Matthew’s kilt in the bottom.

James' losing look from Project Runway episode 11x02.
Cindy and Benjamin's jacket and shorts outfit from Project Runway episode 11x02.
Cindy’s jacket and Benjamin’s shorts
Matthew's outfit for Project Runway episode 11x02.
The placard was a tasteless joke

James is out for his poorly constructed surfer dude.

Honorable Mention:

Michelle's outfit for Project Runway episode 11x02.
Michelle’s adorable work dress didn’t get noticed. I love the collar and top stitched pocket.

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I love how the slogan is a pun about balls, but place it over the balls and somehow THAT makes it tasteless. If you’re gonna do a junk joke, then do a junk joke, don’t pussyfoot around it. We can all wear “juicy” on our asses, but no ball jokez, plz. Ballz is v. v. serious.

I loved the kilt, and would be MORE likely to go to a place with hot, kilted men. Sarandon’s thing about how the guys “wouldn’t” wear it baffled me. Who’s the boss in this scenario?

Thank you! I was completely turned off by how tasteless the judges thought it was. I thought it was so hilarious. And they can honestly send a LBD down the runway for SERVERS but no ballz jokes, k we’re classy! I thought that LBD was the worst thing that went down the runway, Who thinks, “Hmm these people are bending over, squatting down, carrying stuff – oh I know! A tiny low-cut black dress you couldn’t do anything but stand in without an NC-17 rating!” That sounds… no.

Btw your line “Ballz is v. v. serious.” had me cracking the f up.

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