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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.03, “Surprise Me”

Hello kittens! It’s time to grab your coffee and kick back to watch the fashion unravel and the emotions flare. This week, Dream Team had to overcome a second loss. I’m not sure losing the two designers has hurt their abilities, but I know it has shaken their confidence in each other.

However, due to their success, the Keeping It Real Team is starting to move towards being individuals. The guys start identifying the weak links in the team. I’m sorry, but the only one that has really proven himself in both challenges so far is Daniel. He has been in the top both times. The first time he won. The second time, his partner won. The girls may not be as strong as they think. I don’t really get Patricia, but the judges LOVE her. We have only seen two garments of hers; it takes a season to really show who they are and how they think. I do like that she is trying to be a voice for her culture in an area that doesn’t really have a Native American voice.

Benjamin, holding his hand up to his face
Benjamin is really struggling with confidence

The designers come into the room with pink boxes and fancy trays laid out next to them. If these guys have watched anything of the past ten seasons, they would be shaking in their sexy shoes. Heidi enters. I remember last season when she had designers make an outfit for her baby line, and then there was the time that she challenged them to make a dress for a cover shoot. These designers are in for a challenge, Heidi is a tough client. This time, they will make an outfit for her new perfume. Each team has to make four options for the TV commercial and two options for the press event. They have to stick with the colors of the perfume packaging: pink, gold, and black. There will be two winning looks. Gosh, I wish they were competing as individuals right now; can you imagine what they could come up with?

Pink boxes wrapped in black ribbon

Team Keeping It Real has a planning session and they come out with a strong organized plan of attack. They will design, then as a team put each dress into the right category. Layana is super confident that her team will win again. The Dream team decides what type of dress they are going to do first and then goes at it. Since they only have six people, each person has to work on their own look.

Contestants laugh at the challenge theme
The WTF reaction to Heidi challenge

Team Keeping It Real is the winning team again. But let’s take a closer look at the top and bottom designers.

The Results

The top:

Patricia: Patricia wanted to create a leather mesh that she had done in her studio. Nina loved the look and felt it was interesting. Zac enjoyed her signature textile. The shape was pointed out not to be the best shape. But Heidi says if you go boxy, go all the way, and likes the shape. I felt the dress looked like a see-through potato sack. I don’t see the sex appeal that Heidi was asking for.

A pink dress with hand cut leather squares to create a mesh effect on the skirt
Patricia’s hand cut leather squares to create a leather mesh

Kate and Layana: Heidi can feel the hard and soft. It is luxurious looking. They thought of every angle. Zac feels there is shadow. Nina points out the the movement of the dress.  Since the material is flowy, the dress floats down the runway.

Front view of Kate and Layana' pink corset and black organza dress with a long slit up the left thigh
The front of Kate and Layana’s pink corset and black organza
Corset detail on the back of the dress
The back

Daniel: He went for the Bond girl look. The lines are simple. Nina loves the beautiful shape and construction. Zac mentions that the color is not what you would look at the screen for.

Daniel's cream colored dress with a triangular halter top edged in leather

Closeup of the top of the dress with leather edging

Kate is the winner for the campaign dress. Daniel also wins; Heidi will wear his dress to a press event.

The bottom three:

Matt: As his model walked down the runway, Matt whispers, “I hate it.” Can’t argue, I hate it too. Poor guy. Matt wanted to go to a bit of a ’90s reference. He missed the mark and hit the ’80s.

The judges hated the fabric and the top strap. It borders on the edge of trashy, and does not relate to the challenge. The guest judge points out how creatively Matt is dressed but his dress doesn’t show that.

Black minidress with a single strap attached to a collar

Cindy: Again, Cindy missed the mark. She felt her color was dramatic and her fabric was a higher class. Heidi points out that the a slit doesn’t make it sexy, it has to hug the body. Shantung is a hard fabric. The iridescent fabric makes it look cheap. Zac just points out that shantung is a very sad choice.

Shiny pink minidress with a slit down the front
A front slit doesn’t make sexy

Benjamin: The colors are great but it has mushy, sad boobs. Nina says it is the worst construction and the model has been rolled around in the mud and shipwrecked. But New Judge points out Ben needs to own what he has done.  His poor model had to be so careful walking down to avoid popping out.

Long pink dress with weird silvery bands around the midsection
No construction?

It comes down to Cindy and Benjamin. Cindy is out. Not sure I agree, but as we have learned the ones who deserve to go home eventually do.

Honorable Mention:

As with other episodes, I like to show two amazing designs from the losing team, since the judges don’t even get to acknowledge them.

Long black dress with a slit up one thigh and a diagonal mesh panel across the bodice
Samantha’s dress made a statement
Black minidress with metal details at the neckline
I loved the way Michelle’s dress looked. Her hammering reminded me of season four, but her results were great.

Who would you acknowledge? Who would you have sent home?

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I am really starting to dislike the team idea. I’d understand it more if they changed them up each week but the attrition from dream team is just turning crazy. I thought originally they would rework the teams each week so they’d keep even.

They said they made it a team challenge season to make people work together but who said it had to be the same people? I’d rather watch different team dynamics each week. Instead it’s starting to feel train-wrecky to me to even see the demoralization of the dream team each week. Hard to watch.

Hopefully now that the ‘dead weight’ is off the losing team they’ll have a chance but when their talent pool is only five designers to the other teams eight it just feels… meh. And I liked Cindy. She was from my hometown. At least she made a dress that stayed on the model.

I’m starting to feel not just sorry for Michelle, but upset for her not getting any recognition despite consistently making excellent, wearable pieces. Hate the unfairness of the entire teams’ setup.

Also feeling bad for Benjamin this week, it could have been beautiful if only he’d gone for some less labour-intensive solution for the top part of the dress.

I love Michelle’s stuff, this is the second week that her design has been great. Maybe with the bottom ones out the other team will start to loose. I am thinking that they will have to reassign the teams here pretty soon, do to complete lopsided numbers.

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