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New Show Recap: Project Runway, Episode 11.04, “The Ultimate Unconventional Hard and Soft”

This season has had more than one change; the challenges seem to be doled out in the work room instead of by the runway with Heidi. I wonder if Tim is finally getting more time to shine his awesome Timness on screen. So grab that cup of tea for you and me. It’s time for the Unconventional Challenge! Remember with fondness all the eccentric challenges of the past: flowers, candy, hardware, recycle center, clothes off a person’s back. The other thought in the back of everyone’s mind, “I hope they switch up the teams.”

Glade candles on a table

The designers walk into the work room lit with red votive candles (Glade two-in-one scented) and Tim standing in the middle. As with the pink boxes, you know they have something to do with the challenge. The ultimate challenge will have two parts, like the candles. This time, they will have to get all their materials at a flower shop and a hardware store, design must contain the hard and soft.

Tim allows the Dream Team to choose two members of the Keeping It Real team. They choose Stanley and Layana. But Keeping It Real Team gets to choose one member of the Dream Team. They choose Michelle, much to her chagrin. She really didn’t want to work with Patricia. Each team is given a $2500 budget and two days.

Dream Team comes together as a cohesive team while Keeping it Real doesn’t tie together very well. Tim points out that the outfits lack cohesion. They come up with the theme “fashion through the decades.” Dream team is doing a Dior theme. Makes me wonder who the real cohesive piece to the Keeping It Real team was, did quiet Stanley make that much of a difference? The cameras always showed Daniel taking a lead.

Bette Midler is the guest judge. I love Bette, and was just thinking of her the other day while working on a writing project.


All the looks were beautiful and no team is declared the loser. Dream Team wins. The cohesion was the key. But one person on the other team will go home. Poor Michelle, she just wants to win. Now everyone but her has had the feeling of winning.

The Top:

Dream Team: The judges declare the dresses were comfortable and strong. The top looks:

Benjamin had a very high score. He made his own loom.

A dress with a white boatneck top and yellow ruffles cutting across the bodice, leading to a short skirt with yellow, orange, pink, and white ruffles
Benjamin wove his fabric to create his look

Samantha: Her dress is super modern. According to Nina, Samantha didn’t hit you on the head with the light feminine look but it was there. All the judges were impressed by the technique of sandwiching the greenery in the metal. The white is hand-cut pattern on contact paper.

Dress with a structured bodice, a poof over the hips edged in yellow, and a gray pencil skirt
Samantha’s construction shows thoughtfulness.

Layana: Her dress was hard and stiff but stayed feminine. You can still see the beautiful legs of the model. Layana’s is better finished.

Dress matching the model's skintone with an overlay of green and pink leaves or petals, extending in a cage to her knees
This dress seemed to float

The Bottom:

Keeping it Real:

Heidi asks them who should go home. Richard is the first to throw Amanda under the bus. Daniel agrees. Oh Daniel, I had high hopes for your positivity. Patricia points out that she told Amanda to get rid of the moss. Um, yeah, and Amanda ignored you. The entire team throws Amanda under the bus. I am sadden by the lack of support. At the sign of first trouble they all cast their vote against one player. Kate points out that Amanda hasn’t been in the top. While I am not shocked at Patricia, I am surprised with Kate. There are only two bottom designs.

Amanda: Trouble with the execution and the proportion. Nina perceived Amanda as being defeated. Bette reminds us all that the finger pointing is contagious.

Dress with a moss skirt and orange petals on the bodice, with a silver neckpiece
The dress was actually cute.

Joe: This dress is beyond the judges. He said it was a coat but no one got it. The judges did not get Joe’s design at all. For him, the future is a world where form doesn’t matter. It’s supposed to be oversized then go bigger. In all his descriptions, Joe has explained his style as being “making over sweaters with cat pictures.” Not my taste. This one was not his worst, it actually had some appeal.

A really ugly shapeless gray dress with white, green, and red plants covering the bodice
Do you get it?

Samantha wins. Joe is out. Phew, that was a close one for Amanda. While she was in the bottom, I really didn’t see why. What about Patricia’s strings? I really had a feeling that Joe would be the next to go. Who is next? Do you agree with the judges?

And what do you think about the “To be continued?” I mean, I am not watching Doctor Who. This is Project Runway. There is a challenge, a runway, and a winner and loser. Thus conclusion. None of this “to be continued” stuff. We are already hooked and watching next week, I don’t need the added stress of wondering if they are kicking someone off for cheating (remember that guy) or if someone has left in the middle of the night (last season). Argh.


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