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New Show Recap: “Project Runway,” Episode 11.05, “Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock and Roll”

Anyone else think of the Osmonds with that title? Now that song is running through my head! Make it STOP!

To start the show, we must find out what the “cliff hanger” was all about. What was left to do after the show? As Heidi walks out with the button bag the designers and I groan in frustration. The bag is rarely good, maybe good for ratings. The teams are broken up into smaller groups of two – does this still constitute a team? Each designer whose name is drawn from the bag gets to choose their partner.

  • Samantha chooses Daniel.
  • Richard chooses Stanley.
  • Patricia chooses Layana.
  • Matthew chooses Michelle.
  • Kate picks Tu.
  • Amanda and Benjamin become a team by default.

Some of the new teams may raise an eyebrow, but none of the teams really strike me with self-destruction. Benjamin worries because everyone threw Amanda under the bus. But I think Amanda may really surprise people. She doesn’t do that bad of a job and she has something to prove.

The challenge:

this show starts in a western bar with a music video playing in the background. The designers will be designing for Miranda Lambert. Each team must make two designs: a show outfit and a red carpet dress. I like the group sizes for this challenge; each person’s personality will really come through.

The Results

The top teams:

For the performance piece, Richard hand cut the fringe and attached each piece individually to a mesh dress. He quickly made a lining using a Mood T-shirt that he and Stanley had bought, so his model was able to walk down the runway clothed. I loved this dress. During the process it was a bit worrisome, but on the runway it looked amazing, a true show stopper. The judges felt the dress was beautiful and expensive looking. Miranda liked it.

Stanley made the red carpet dress, a long black flowing gown with a middle piece of rhinestone-crusted hammered leather and a plunging neck line. The judges felt the dress worked and was sexy.

Benjamin made the red carpet piece. Benjamin really managed his time well. He structured the dress and created a strong construction underneath the gown. His rich navy material flowed while fitting the bodice like a glove. Nina says it looks gorgeous from every angle. Miranda worries about the fabric choice being unforgiving for her. Nina gives her encouragement that she would rock the look. They felt his dress was clean, chic, and timeless.

Amanda made the show piece with hand-cut fringe. The navy dress has an angle that draws the eye and causes it to move with the dress, just like a good painting must do. Nice point here is that the model can wear a normal bra. How many times have we seen creations that ignore the necessary feminine support, I mean look at Miranda. That girl needs to have strong support while jumping around and moving on stage. Amanda just won points in my book. The judges all love it, the comfort, and appeal. Both Amanda and Benjamin enjoyed working together as a team.

Richard wins. Miranda asks to wear the dress in an upcoming performance.

The bottom:

Daniel made the red carpet dress. He turned the leather into ribbons and then fringed the skirt. The judges couldn’t tell it was leather. Nina hates the middle seam and accuses him of being inexpensive. “Bad bad.” Zac tells him he needs to evolve with his techniques.

Samantha went with the performance look. She used leather and suede. The judges tell her that the outfit Samantha is wearing is way better than what she designed.

Michelle made a red carpet look with a hard leather vest and a denim skirt and a large leather necklace. The judges call the necklace a bib. They point out the look is dated but the vest was beautiful. The skirt was too casual.

Matthew made the performance outfit. The judges applauded his details but pointed out you can’t see them on the runway. Zac mentions that you must go bigger on stage. Matthew can’t stand by his outfit. Miranda points out that he needs confidence: “The leather and lace idea sounded great. I wish I could see it.”

Matthew is out.

I really thought Benjamin and Amanda would both win. Their dresses were a perfect match. What do you think?  Do you agree with the judges?

See all the fashions from this episode here, on the official Project Runway website.

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I thought that Amanda should have one. Richard’s dress was cool, but I thought collectively that Ben and Amanda did better, meaning the winning look should be one of them. Similarly, I was surprised when Daniel and Samantha weren’t the bottom team since none of their stuff was redeemable, and Michelle/Matt had a cute, if boring, dress and an awesome vest. But I think they just weren’t ready to let Daniel go and Samantha had immunity.

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