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I am keeping this edition of News in Asia short and sweet since I am in the midst of packing up my life in South Korea to move back to the States. It seems that no matter how much I accomplish, there’s always more to do.

There were twin bombings in the Indian city of Hyderabad on Thursday, which killed 16 people and injured 117. The Indian government had received intelligence reports stating there would be possible attacks; however, no targets were specified.

In the human rights arena, Nepal is emerging as a regional hub for human trafficking. The dubious status is blamed on the ease of obtaining a Nepali passport, significant government corruption, and no hinderance in regards to entry at the international airport.

In Indonesia, the head of the ruling party stepped down in the face of accusations of corruption.

The island nation of Taiwan is killing it when it comes to leading Asia in equal rights for all. Taiwan’s defense ministry announced that it aims to triple female military recruitment in the next year.

I do not envy South Korea’s first female president-elect as she faces a growing nuclear crisis with the north. She’s set to take office on Monday and is faced with a country dissatisfied with her predecessor’s handling of the relations with North Korea.

In pretty horrific news, three young sisters were raped and killed in an Indian village in Bhandara district in Maharashtra state. The mother of the girls stated that police did not take the case seriously until villagers began protesting. Villagers are threatening to continue a highway blockade in protest of the lack of progress in the case. Coming on the heels of the gang rape and death of a young woman in New Delhi, the country is grappling with pervasive sexual violence against women.

China acknowledges the existence of “cancer villages” where the rates of cancer among residents living close to factories and polluted waters has greatly increased. As someone who has visited some of the major cities in China, the pollution is no joke. Also, as serious as this issue is, the term, “cancer villages” does conjure up zombie apocalypse scenarios.

Finally, the New York Times has a story on artists working to restore ancient Tibetan murals in Nepal.

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