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Open Thread for Monday, February 24

Sooo, what are you watching this week?

Y’all may know that I have a slight David Attenborough obsession. The other week he said that if he had a torch to pass, he’d pass it to¬†physicist¬†Brian Cox. While Attenborough will always be my number 1, my need for well-narrated nature documentaries is endless, so I’ve been looking into Cox’s work. And I’m impressed!

So, what are you watching? And don’t forget to tell us about your day!

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I’ve been watching The Wire. Somehow I’d missed that series entirely and am now catching up. This weekend had time for two documentaries: Paris Is Burning (about drag queen balls in NYC in the eighties) and Public Speaking (Fran Lebowitz).

Anyone with a love of well-narrated nature / travel documentaries: I cannot recommend Simon Reeve (BBC) enough. I’m a fan of Brian Cox as well, but have a preference for Mr. Reeve anyway because you have both the sense of astonishment at the gorgeousness of nature, but you also get a good dose of analysis on what is threatening the environment you’ve just fawned over. A lot of Reeve’s series are just very good at seeing the tough bargains that come with nature conservation.

I was able to catch The Walking Dead before I passed out last night and I think that’s all I may get in before Thursday, since I’ll be closing til then. That is also the next time I’ll be seeing Mr. qSs, since he gets up early and is asleep by the time I get home from work. We haven’t been on such opposite schedules since we first started dating, which now seems like it was such a long time ago!

Not watching anything tonight, nor probably for a few more days. I’m at the point in the semester where I feel ALL THE DEADLINES looming. Mostly because it’s all the deadlines for my phd candidacy work, soooo it’s not really flexible, but also really really important. I’m not yet freaking out, but give it a couple more weeks and I TOTALLY will be.

Also, all my genetic lab work is suddenly and inexplicably tanking. Like, for shit. No recent changes, no good explanation. The only options the lab prof is really giving me are that maybe I have “inconsistent pippetting technique” (which, just no. not even. 6 plates of over 1100 samples with no analyzable DNA is not inconsistent pippetting. shut up.) or that one of the chemical reagents has been contaminated and I need to replace them all. All couple dozen. Which is not inexpensive. ……ffffffffffffff*ck.

So that’s the glorious start to my week. Today’s only plus side: my advisor had tickets to this awesome acrobatic/circus-y show for tomorrow, but can’t go, so he gave them to me!! Circus acrobatics make everything better (for a couple hours).

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