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The Best of Pinterest: Geeky Valentine Edition

Roses are red, Violets are not actually blue, It’s a Pinterest Valentine’s party for you!

First, you’re going to want to pick a cute Valentine for that special someone. (Clicking any image will take you directly to its pin.)

Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, standing in front of the Tardis. Message reads, "Roses are red, Autons are plastic, Be my Valentine 'cause you're fantastic."
For more Doctor Who valentines like this one, check out the full collection at Future Fantastic.
Nine valentines fo Game of Thrones characters: Ned Stark says "I love you almost as much as duty and honor." Tyrion says, "Of all the prostitutes, you're the smartest." King Robert says, "I love Lyanna... I mean you." Dani (holding a horse's heart) says, "Sorry, the Dothraki have no word for Valentine." Jamie says, "Hey sister, lets (censored)" to Cersei. The Hound says, "Hi cutie." Varys says "I have no privates but I have a heart." Hodor says, "Hodor. Hodor." Jon Snow says, "Let's get wild-ling."
Game of Thrones valentines by Chris Bishop
Firefly Valentines. River says "I can kill you with my brain... but I'd rather have you as my valentine!" Mal says, "Just once, I'd like things to go according to the gorram plan. Please be my Valentine?" Shepherd Book says, "Don't end up in the special Hell. Be my Valentine!" Inara says "Doing something I should have done a long time ago... Wishing you a happy Valentine's day!" Kaylee says "You're coming with me to be my shiny valentine!" Jayne says, "Let me be your Saint Jayne."
Firefly Valentines by Tenth Crew Member

Drawing of Wash from Firefly, holding his toy dinosaurs, captioned "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, Valentine! You've stolen my heart!"
Nerd Valentine’s Day card by Rowsdowr
Drawing of Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, captioned "Don't panic, Valentine...I'll always share my towel with you!"
Nerd Valentine’s Day card by Rowsdowr

Picture of Sean Bean as Boromir from The Lord of the Rings, on a pink background with candy hearts, captioned "Hey, baby. Wanna blow my Horn of Gondor?"
Hello! LOTR pickup lines from Laugh Load (there are more!)
Chewbacca on a black background, captioned in the Wookie language.
Chewbacca (pinned from Space Ghost Zombie, origin unknown)
Six cards reading "O captain my captain" with drawings of Captains James T. Kirk, Mal Reynolds, Han Solo, Jack Sparrow, Jack Harkness, and Jean-Luc Picard
Kirk, Mal, Han Solo, Sparrow, Jack Harkness or Jean-Luc? from 9GAG
Cartoon of a volcano erupting hearts, captioned "I lava you."
I Lava You, Volcano Valentine by fuzzygrapefruit on Etsy

Next, you’ll want something crafty, delicious, or just plain awesome to give your honey!

Fortune cookies made from festive paper, with slips reading "I love you" and "Sweetie"
DIY Valentine cards, takeout style with tutorial by Splash of Something
Woman looking happily surprised, holding a bouquet made of 11 plush unicorns
Plush Unicorn Bouquet from ThinkGeek (sold out right now, damn!)
Bowl of Chex mix, coated in pink chocolate, with red, pink, and white M&Ms
Strawberry Valentine Chex Mix by Butter With a Side of Bread
Three heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches, filled with pink ice cream
Valentine’s Day desserts that say here’s my heart from
Cupcakes marbled with food coloring
White Cake – Add a couple drops of food coloring and swirl… (origin unknown)
Oreo pops: Shows Oreos on lollypop-style sticks, then the oreos dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles
Oreo Pops pinned from Hip Hip Hooray!
Blue bowl filled with pieces of chocolate chip cookie brittle
Chocolate Chip Cookie Brittle by Something Swanky

What would a Pinterest roundup be without nail polish?

French manicure with a pink base, red tips, and a white heart outlined in silver added on one accent nail
Valentine’s Day French by Princess Polish
Nail polish storage shelves mounted on the side of a bookcase
I want this! Nail Polish Storage from Maggie’s Makeup
Crying girl, captioned "Want to paint my nails. Can't decide which of my 200 polishes I want to use."
GPOY. Nail Polish Problems (pinned from Food for the Nails, origin unknown)

Finally, some very important life advice.

Instagrammed picture of Beyonce, captioned, "Always be yourself unless you can be Beyonce. Always be Beyonce
Always be Beyonce (pinned from Chloe Grace Moretz’s Webstagram, origin unknown)

By [E] Hillary

Hillary is a giant nerd and former Mathlete. She once read large swaths of "Why Evolution is True" and a geology book aloud to her infant daughter, in the hopes of a) instilling a love of science in her from a very young age and b) boring her to sleep. After escaping the wilds of Waco, Texas and spending the next decade in NYC, she currently lives in upstate New York, where she misses being able to get decent pizza and Chinese takeout delivered to her house. She lost on Jeopardy.

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