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This Open Thread Has Drag Race Thoughts

Kittens – behold, we are now in the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Now, while our good lady Miss Worded is keeping you up to date with a full on recap each week (bless her soul), I needed to get a few initial thoughts off my chest about this latest season.

Animated gif from RuPaul's Drag Race of a drag queen saying, "So, I'm mediocre..."

Hmm, maybe girl. Am I potentially experiencing some serious withdrawal from the queens I came to know and love from season 3 and 4? Or does this round seem a little…meh. As we speak, I’m thinking Detox or Alaska for the win.

Nonetheless, the season proves to be veritable eye candy, talented, beautiful babies, and at least I have picked up a new catch phrase…

Someone gestures at his crotch and says "I can see your seafood platter."

Despite some of my “meh” feelings with this seasons queens, once I got into the first episode and my wine glass, I was having good feeling all around. Oh but the best part –  Untucked. Lets just say that Untucked makes me wanna….

Untucked, nude except for tights, thrusting his hips (genitals are pixilated)

So this season should prove interesting at the very least.  Plus, two queens with porn pasts ! (Detox and Jade Jolie) Thats a lot of talent – and from the photos I’ve seen floating around the interwebz on these two’s foray into porn, all I can say is…

One of the contestants saying, "Back rolls?"

I’ll be watching this show with bells and whistles, a fan till the very end. But can I give a little love to those who captured my heart?

Drag queen bobbing her head and waving her finger in a sassy way

Drag queen with enormous hair and earrings, saying "Sickening!"

Drag queen gesturing toward her face, captioned "WERQ"

Drag queen winking exaggeratedly with enormous fake eyelashes

Goodbye for now my lovely, enchanted womenz.

What about you babies – who are your favorite queens? What are your picks for this season?

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I’m thinking Lynesha Sparx is the one to watch. I agree that Alaska isn’t bringing it–she’s just not interesting enough (what made Sharon’s particular campy edge work was a keen intelligence bolstering it–remember the awesome reference to Grey Gardens?). I really like Jade Jolie and am curious about Ivy Winters.

Favorite queens of all time? Raven, Needles, Flowers,

& Raja!

Not Alaska. I like her and all, but she’s not bringing it. I have no idea who’s going to win this season … all the queens left seem pretty great. I agree with what others have said about this season; the spread is very narrow.

My eternal favourite is Nina Flowers. I love so many others though!

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