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This Open Thread Is Not Into Tuesdays

You know how Garfield’s thing was always about how much he hated Mondays? Well, I like expanding that into Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are just as hard. You still are getting into the groove of the week and are so far away from the eternal quest that is Friday. Yes, Mondays are bad, but Tuesdays are almost worse.

What is it about Tuesdays that just feel like a kick in the face? I mean, I’ve got my reasons, but I’d love to know your own, because while this Tuesday is just about over,  the spoiler is, there is another one coming next week.


By TheLadyMiss

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Urgh. I think I’m waiting for my bf to break up with me. He hasn’t spoken to me since Saturday night, because I stormed out of the house and was feeling insane because he didn’t want to come out. Again. Sounds nuts, right? Well, it also happened to be the third time in a row he’s been fine spending chunks of time with other people, but doesn’t seem to want to come out with me or, frankly, be alone with me. I won’t get into V-day. Long story short, I hurt HIS feelings. Apparently there’s other shit wrong that he just didn’t tell me about, even though he insisted that we talk when we have problems. Well, he still doesn’t want to talk. This whole thing is shitty and hurty. AND I have midterms due next week.

I’m trying to be nice and give him space and wait for him to tell me his feelingses, but the longer he keeps me on hold the harder it is to keep holding. The more I think about it, the more fucked up it feels.


(In other news: HI GUYS I’M BACK!)

My Tuesday was rolling along quite nicely until 6:54pm. That’s when work called and asked where I was…

My response: “Uh…I’m working tonight?”

For the record, I’m supposed to clock in at 6:30 and my current commute is over an hour. Whoops. And because shit likes to happen all at once, someone hit me from behind on my way to work and didn’t even acknowledge the fact that they hit me. I got out of my car to check on things and they looked SURPRISED that I got out to check my car. WTF.

Now I just need to stay awake for my shift. Wish me luck because I’ve been up all day. :/

Usually Thursdays are my Garfield Monday/Coco Tuesday. By Thursday I cannot care about anything, no matter how close Friday is.

Also, random Tuesday crowd-sourcing (more random: the word “crowd” looks really weird to me today): What do people do in the evening once you are home from work? Particularly couples? I want to know if Boyfriend is not-wrong that my expectations are too high or if he’s being ridiculous and lazy. I’m in the midst of working real job + grad school, so my sense of how productive a person can be after a full day of work is perhaps skewed…

Not in a relationship, but there are times I get home and literally zone out of the TV for a few hours or putz around on Tumblr. It’s especially bad in the winter since I suffer from SAD. Lately, I’ve tried to make sure I get a couple of days of gym/exercise after work though. I do sometimes have to force myself to be productive.

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