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This Weekend Open Thread Has Shiny, Shiny Nails

My tips look like they belong in an ’80s sticker book.

I’m wearing Julep Rebel right now. It’s holographic, so I’m slightly mesmerized by it. I keep catching myself staring at my thumbs as I move my nails back and forth. Pretty, but distracting.

So let’s talk nail polish this weekend, babes. Any colors you’re obsessed with right now?

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I’m going to have a go at making my own gold-foil polish (I have no money. None. Nada.) since I love the idea of it on a deep blue base. Yum!

Also. I just applied for a job that I *really* want and need. So nervous.

RUGBY!!!! *shakes fist at the rugby gods*

(Ireland lost, and not in a good way).

But I think I’m now in total awe of Brian O’Driscoll’s wife’s cervix. She was at an awards ceremony last night, had the baby after 8am this morning, and he was back with the team by 11am. That’s dedication. Go Amy and Sadie!

With all the fun nail posts, I’ve been inspired, so I painted mine gold. It turned fine except they remind me of Mombi from Return to Oz, so I’m probably just going to take it off. I also picked up a top coat today that has sparkles and little diamonds, stars and moons in it.

Oh dear. The roommate situation has escalated and exploded.
Lovely roommate and I went to the property manager to figure out what to do about our third roommate last week (we’re so very incompatible, and third roommate tends toward the shouty and confrontational, so we wanted to have a plan first). The next guy down talked to third roommate, she apparently assumed that we want her kicked out, and decided that shouting confrontation was appropriate.

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and figuring out what I can wear to work Monday if I spend the weekend hiding out in my room, because I don’t want to have laundry going if she comes back and is in aggression mode. I don’t *think* she’s dumb enough to go for a physical attack or do anything that will get her arrested, but I also don’t want to be shouted at in my own damn home.

You know what, fuck it. I am doing my laundry because I need clean underpants more than I want to avoid the *possibility* that she’ll come home shouting.
I will tell her, if she comes home, that I am not talking to her without the other roommate and at least one person from the management office present (mostly so neither of us can misquote the other, deliberately or accidentally, as an ass-covering measure). I suspect that she’s not coming home today anyway.

Me too. I want it over with. And I want a nicer roommate in that third room, one who acts like an adult and doesn’t scream at people.

I’m seriously questioning my lease renewal, though. We (Lovely roommate and I) had asked to be notified when the property managers contacted her so we could be prepared for the reaction. And we got exactly the reaction we expected, just on a Saturday morning.

I haven’t done my nails since November, when I painted them emerald green (I was hoping to use that logic of “if you have to undo your nails for a job interview, you’re more likely to get called for that interview”). Actually, by that logic, I should paint them a bright color again. I’m supposed to hear back about an interview this week. Even if they’ll be destroyed at the temp job.

Now I have to pick a color and do my nails after lunch, whee.

So many nail posts lately! I love it.
Mine are a pretty metallic-y orange at the moment. OPI’s Deutsche You Want Me Baby? (I always select the dirtiest-sounding makeup shades. “Ooh, I love that lipstick! What shade is it?” “Uhh, ‘Sex Machine’?”)
I think I will add a flakie topcoat once I’m done moving furniture around today. I found an Essie ‘Shine of the Times’ dupe that is gorgeous and hypnotising.

I’m terrible at painting my nails, but I’m loving all of the polish right now. Hopefully that will somehow equate to better nail polishing skills. :)

The last couple of weeks have been…I don’t want to say awful, but pretty bad. Mr. Nonsense and I moved out of our apartment last week and all sorts of wrong happened. I think I lived on beer and gummi bears for a solid two days. Now we live with his parents and I had tried to convince myself that it was going to be okay, but now I know better. We need to find another place ASAP. The only two things holding my sanity together are my job and the plethora of king cake.

I don’t really paint my nails but I do have to say they are looking very lovely right now. For about six months after chemo they were strangely flat and damaged but now they’re back to their old crazy-strong selves. It’s a sight to see! I’m about to cut them off though because I can barely type. My friend was begging me not to and asking me to paint them but alas I can’t handle long nails.

The only things I really dislike about the teams is that they cut in to my Tim Gunn time and I’m starting to feel bad for Dream Team, yes they’re stuff has super sucked, but no one should have to lose 3 times in a row and have super lopsided teams. I think if they switch the teams up in the next episode, I’d enjoy it a bit more.

You have ridiculously impressive nails! Also, does everyone have index-finger nails that are more rounded than the others? Mine are, but I always figured it was because I bite them sometimes, thus making them grow a little differently than their flatter neighbors.

Wait– there is holographic nail polish?! I… I want this in my life…
So much talk about awesome nail polish today! I am stuck in a snowstorm with the same polish I’ve had for many many months! Arg!

Unrelated but also happening in life right now: I was sick with a nasty cold + sore throat the first half of the week. Which means apparently no cleanliness happened at all. Which has made me realize just how much of the housework I do and how very very little Boyfriend does. This has been a regularly occurring point of tension between us. Part of me doesn’t feel like starting the same old fight again, but the other part of me feels like a bad feminist and like I’m generally falling into some frustrating traditional gender roles that I reeeeaaalllyy don’t want to be in (or even somehow set up the expectation that I could be in). I just… ugh. I’m tired of being the equal house-roles badguy.

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