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This Weekend Open Thread is a Giant Oscars Party

Who is watching the Academy Awards this Sunday?

I’m torn. I don’t want to watch because I despise Seth MacFarlane, but I’m a sucker for awards shows. Celebrities! Sparkly dresses! Industry-wide self-fellating over movies I’ve never seen!

So what’s your favorite part? What movies are you rooting for? Am I the only one who hasn’t seen a single one of the Best Picture nominees?

By [E] Liza

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I’m quite an anxious person and phone calls can be hard for me to make. A woman I work with said I could call her the day before I come to ask for a ride as I generally walk. It’s her house phone and I call and I guess her husband answers. I say ” Can I speak to ____? This is Lana from nameofplacewework” He didn’t really respond so I repeat “Can I speak to ___”. He said she’s at our place of work right now so I thank him and call our work even thought it seems strange that she would be there now. Another woman I work for answers, which is weird because I called the main line. I ask to be collected to the woman I’m trying to get a hold of and she said “We’re closed and she hasn’t been in all day”. So I hang up with her. I don’t mind walking, but that was rather strange. I guess whoever answered her house didn’t understand me?

My neighbor assumes that since she doesn’t hear me (I am freakishly quiet 95% of the time), I can’t hear her. Wrong. So very wrong.

Lady, this is a 100 year old building. The walls are paper. How about you don’t keep your bass turned up and maybe lower your speaking voice when you are on the phone?

Throwing the fiance a birthday party tonight for the first time ever! We were going to go out and get Chinese with our friends, but then we found out that the same place does a Western AND Chinese buffet on Sunday mornings :OOOO

Instead tonight we’re gonna have people over for fancy drinks + pie, then pick it up again at brunch in the A.M. It will be glorious.

The day after the most anticlimactic birthday OF ALL TIME…..




I’m just waiting for the benefits statement to come through so that I can accept without looking hasty. I wrote myself my yearly birthday letter (it’s a thing I do, I know it’s cheesy) and ended it with the idea that something had to be right around the corner. AND IT WAS.

Now I have one week to get my ass to Southern Indiana. Where they are going to put me in corporate housing until I find a place. I am nervous and super excited and terrifed and pretty nervous.

Also, I read “The Defining Decade” last night and want to recommend it. It’s self-help, a genre I usually hate, but it was really comforting to know that everyone else in their twenties feels lonely, lost, and scared. It wasn’t just me. I highly recommend it for advice on how to do things as well as feeling less alone in your scramble through this part of your life.

It’s an hr generalist position, but about 50% of the job is employee and labor relations, which is what I want to specialize in. (It was the only topic I really liked in law school.)

And you should definitely check it out. It’s very much “They are not lazy. They are screwed and confused, and none of the rest of you are helping.”

Ok, at the height of my laziness I am too lazy to walk into the living room and change the channel. American Idol is on. I don’t watch it, I don’t think I have ever seen an episode. I am also only vaguely aware of who Nikki Minaj is. However, from what I can hear, she is the best judge? Is this a one off moment in time? I am hearing her give the most constructive feedback. It’s the top ten guys singing with being eliminated or something. Anyway, I thought she was crazy?

eh, I’ve never been an awards show kind of girl. However, Boyfriend is out of town and my favorite bar is having an Oscar Night Fashion Glitz and I’m totally feeling the urge for skirts and glitter. Sooo….. I might just use it as an excuse. I haven’t seen any movies in forever, so I have absolutely no idea who’s even in the running.

Otherwise: we’re expecting to have another snowy weekend, so I’ve stocked up on wine and delicious foodie things (again- house to MYSELF!!).

I’m totally watching it. The Golden Globes were great, I completely ignored the Grammys, the Brit Awards seem to only have been noticeable for TSwift’s weird-ass “I’m a grownup who has sex!” statement-dance, I NEED A GLITZ INFUSION.


Sheena, I got your package from the post office today! IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. Guys, if you’re looking for some retail therapy along the lines of knitted products/fancy jewelry, I can now personally attest to Sheena’s stuff being fabulous. Not gonna take a pic because I look like hell- might attach one tomorrow. Yay weekend! Yay things!

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