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This Weekend Open Thread is Praising CJ

Happy weekend. Let’s talk Netflix.

Confession: until a couple of weeks ago, I had never watched The West Wing. I didn’t understand why the other editors were distraught that CJ Cregg was knocked out of the fall bracket. But then a magical thing happened and the show appeared on Netflix Instant. I’m only about five episodes in (stupid school getting in the way of my TV time) but I get it now. I do.

What shows have you been watching that you missed the first time around?

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I’m getting caught up on Game of Thrones. I’m half way through book three and on the third episode of the first season. I didn’t get all the nominees for Middlemarch Madness, but now I do. GRRM does write some bad-ass ladies (and probably kills all of them, too — I don’t actually know if this is true, but I’ve noticed that he likes to make you love a character and then make bad things happen to them).

This weekend has been absurdly long. I’m only on my third day of this work stretch, and I’m already burnt out. It was so very very busy in our store.

The very first thing I plan on once I land back home is signing back up for Netflix. I am lucky though that I can download a show at a ridiculously fast speed. I intend on downloading whole seasons of Breaking Bad, Revenge and Boardwalk Empire before I leave.

In other news, may I request unicorns and rainbows for this upcoming week? It’s the last week here and I have so much to do still and I’m starting to freak out. I’ve been doing 20/10s to get my apartment cleaned up, but I still need to do a practice pack so I know what I still need to ship home. All this on top of saying goodbye has left me exhausted.

Decided this week to restructure the way I ‘count’ working out so that it’s meaningful in my head. I had previously said “If I can go to the gym 3x/week I’ll be satisfied”, but that’s easier said than done between working late and bad weather.

So since I had set a goal of 5000 ‘fitness minutes’ for the year, I did the math and said I needed to get 110 of those minutes a week. Between gym visits and internet videos, today I have 105! Later I will do a Qi Gong video and DAMMIT I WILL GET THERE.

Also, the terrible roommate is still here. The property manager has, apparently, done NOTHING this week. (Well, okay, fine, she sent an e-mail Wednesday asking if we — all three of us — had talked about who is moving. Um. We, the two ADULTS, told you and reminded you and told you again that neither of US are going anywhere. I know it sucks, but DO YOUR JOB.) And I was sick for half of it (and had no energy to deal with the overnight guests every night or to even react to her snit that involved taking her microwave out of the kitchen, because maturity). My nice is wearing thin and my stubborn and cranky is going to emerge.

Welcome to the CJ Appreciation Society! I finally caught up on Doctor Who to be able to watch the new season as they aired, and we made it through all the Torchwood on Netflix (they don’t have Miracle Day, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing). I’m actually woefully behind on Downton Abbey, so I need to catch up on that sometime soon.

My tiny fluffy got spayed today because she’s all grown up. In the process, we also decided to have the vet remove her boneless dewclaws since the nails were all funky and beginning to curl under and into her paw- it wasn’t hurting her yet, but in the long run it would have sucked.

So she came home today with a nice shaved belly and pink wraps on her front feet. That she managed to tear off in a couple of hours- thank God our awesome vet was staying late tonight and rebandaged + taped them for free! BEST VET.

The West Wing and Babylon 5 are what I feel to be the biggest holes in my ‘off the air shows to watch’ list. As a geek I just feel like I need to watch B5. I love space opera – why have I not watched it? And I just hear nothing but good for West Wing. Gotta do it. Know I’ll love it.

In other news I walked half of the way home from work today (about a mile) for the first time in a year and a half. I feel like a superstar and I’m celebrating with some wine. I haven’t been able to do that since pre-cancer times in my life, which already feels like way more than an age ago. Also a really productive week at work. Sadly my last CT scan came back with some swelling but we’re hoping it’s just from a cold I had a few weeks ago. Good & bad. Lovely sunset here though!

I ended up watching the West Wing by accident- we found all seasons on sale at Best Buy one Boxing Day for $15/set. If you can score a deal like that, I highly recommend. Haven’t finished watching it yet since I’ve gotten to the point where Sorkin left and I’m a bit scared.

Go you for that walk, enjoy the wine! With the swelling, do you get another CT scan soon to check it out again or is it more of an annual checkup thing?

$15 is a great deal! Dang. I need to watch this show. It’s going to happen!

Since the doctor is not worried we’re waiting another three months. They schedule CT’s every three months the first year (highest chance of recurrence – been cancer-free since April), four months second year, six months for three years then once a year maintenance after that. So… three months of waiting. Gonna be fun. Having a lovely war in my head of ‘well it was the cold’ vs ‘omg it’s back’. Fun times! Halfway through my bottle of wine now. Sending drunk txts to my brother telling him how amazing my nephew is (who born two weeks after my last chemo). Trying to watch an episode of Arrow (am I the only one that wants only flash-back episodes?).

For one of my business classes, I have to start a small business on campus and I decided to do tarot card readings. Now I need a name for my business. I’m using the Housewives Tarot deck, which is a humorous deck so I’d like the name to convey that my business is fun and has a sense of humor. Any suggestions?

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