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This Weekend Open Thread Will Be Watching the Puppy Bowl

I hear there’s some kind of big deal sporting match going on somewhere.

I’m not much of a Super Bowl watcher. Yeah, sometimes the commercials are funny, but all too often they’re stupid and/or sexist. So I’d rather spend Sunday staring at this:

Animated gif of puppies on a tiny football field

Or this:

Animated gif of puppies on a tiny football field

With a little of this:

Animated gif of puppies on a tiny football field

Of course, I’ll flip over for the half time show (anyone else really want Beyonce to sing about girls running the world during one of the biggest sausage fests on earth?), but, that’s about it.

What about you? Do you plan to watch the big game?

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I feel you. I got hit with sickness like a ton of bricks two nights ago- luckily it’s the not death-flu that’s been going around, but just a big snotty head cold and sore throat. My stomach kind of wants food, but my throat is not going to have any of it… unless it is hot tea, or maybe some hot soup, but I’m a little tired of hot liquids at this point. I’m also alternating between sweating like a roast pig and shivering under a pile of blankets.


Somehow just ended up down the rabbit hole of looking for bridesmaids dresses under $100. Ugghhh. Married P-Maggers, how did you keep your sanity while wedding planning? I’ve been reading OBB and Practical Wedding and they’re GREAT but it doesn’t solve the issues of ‘everyone I need to talk to/everything I need to look at is three provinces away’.

This is a double post from earlier in the week, but I’m hoping to crowd source.

I am part of a feminist action group who has done some great work. It is my turn to be tasked with coming up with the next campaign. I would like to do something Guerrilla-like, underground-ish. I would like it to be around slut shaming, I think. I hope to have it as humorous as possible, as that really works down here.
Unbelievably, I cannot come up with anything. I have been searching around the internet hoping to find an open campaign where we could use the posters or such to paste all over the city, but nothing. I cannot seem to focus this in.
Does anyone have any ideas?
To be clear, we’re a very small group with no funds other than what we could throw together personally.
I’m attaching a billboard from St. Matthew’s in the City. It’s an Anglican church in Auckland, NZ who has the most amazing billboards. I love the sense of humour and it goes over so well here.

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