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Thursday Night Open Thread Dance Party for 2/21/2013

Oy, it’s been a week, hasn’t it? I don’t know about anyone else, but my sleepĀ scheduleĀ is seriously messed up from working evenings. But, it is almost the weekend, so there is that to look forward to. Since it’s very likely that I’ll be up until the wee hours, here’s a little something to kick things off.

Let’s hang out in the comments.


Oh, and this:

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So. On Wednesday I got a voluntarily job (but writing and social media so yes good). Yesterday I missed a call from a recruitment bureau because they “had some questions” (I don’t care if that doesn’t sound good, it’s contact) and I got an invitation for an elevator pitch for a cool sounding job. YIKES!

In a cool way, of course. And I’m not going to expect anything from it but I guess it’s nice to feel noticed.

I have seriously had Prince’s “When You Were Mine” stuck in my head all week after hearing it on the radio– and now I can’t find any video of it (that’s not a cover or a shitty live version) anywhere so I can put in a link!

Otherwise yeah… my week has been weird and sort of not good, but not really *bad* either… But I’m one of those weird people that will totally make sure I get 8hrs of sleep throughout the week so I’m a person when I go to work, but on the weekends I will stay up ridiculously late to finish work that I didn’t get to over the regular week (plus knitting, Netflix, and magazine awesomeness). It’s amazing how little I sleep on the weekends, only to catch up during the regular week.

It’s my birthday. It has been extremely boring and ended in my parents bickering over the answering machine:I always know that my birthday is going to be anticlimactic and a little sucky, so I petition for it to be skipped every year. And every year everyone insists on “celebrating”, which makes everything somehow even MORE depressing.

I feel exactly the same! 97% of the time people “celebrating” your birthday is really more about them celebrating and me being like “no really, you can stop trying so hard now. these are the things you like and not necessarily what I’d like right this moment”.

But on that note… Happy Birthday?! Here’s some things:

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