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It’s an entertaining week once again. Psycho-Pass has already moved into its last stretch, quite early I would say, but I guess it will mean no rushed ending. Yeah! Chihayafuru graces us with a Taichi-centric episode, which is great since those are always good. Finally, Shin Sekai Yori advances the “evil” monster rat plot with more destruction. It seems to have slowed down a bit.

Psycho-Pass, Episode 15

Oh my god, violence everywhere! The helmets have made their way to all the scum of the city. It’s not pretty. Especially when sans-helmet citizens start to “strike-back.” Ouch.

It is also pathetic. Teenagers with crappy grades and impossible talent are jealous of good students with awesome grades. They are blaming Sibyl’s Judgement for that. I don’t think Sibyl’s Judgement was wrong here. Oh well, all idiots believe they are perfect.

Makishima has interesting reading choices: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” by Philip K. Dick (from which Blade Runner was adapted). Makishima prefers paper books, too. They have more character.

The Public Safety Bureau employees in a mostly empty auditorium. Caption reads, "We have no choice but to have those of you at the CID act as the last remaining shield to keep our citizens safe."
The Public Safety Bureau employees. All of them.

Dear god, the Public Safety Bureau has like 20 employees and the town is in a riot. Stun batons and EMP grenades are the only weapons they have against the “Helmets.” I feel like I’m watching Deux Ex right now. Looks like Makishima planned his “riots” very well since he wanted the Ministry of Welfare’s Nona Tower empty (aka the CID). Although, Kougami realized it.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 18

The monster rats made their move before the humans. Looks like they have a human with Cantus on their side and everything points to that human being Maria and Mamoru’s son.

We got the chance to see the two most powerful Cantus users, too. One of them has two irises in their eyes, so I’m starting to think that they are alien in origin. Especially after one of them dies and we see a spirit-lady fly into the sky and talk of the Child of Heaven. Keep in mind that the person that died was a fat old man.

The episode was a bit disjointed, it moved from flashback to present (the festival where the attack happens). We got a bit of Satoru/Saki, too. I’m wondering why they slightly drifted apart in the last 14 years. Still, I think they make a cute couple.

Chihayafuru, Season 2 Episode 4

Arata’s father is an ass. I’m a bit surprised that we got to meet him, too. So Arata made a request to his parents if he wins the High School Championship. I don’t expect to learn what it is until later.

The rest of the episode is Taichi-centric. From Doctor Harata why he isn’t class A, too, is bad luck. Looks like the first team they are going to face off with has one of Doctor Harata’s students as an advisor: Tsuboguchi. He’s using all his knowledge to throw off Chihaya and friends. What an evil guy. Especially the, “Can you give me your phone number” bit. He also knows that throwing Chihaya off-balance will throw Taichi off-balance. Funny note: the school where Tsuboguchi teaches only has eight girls, three of whom are in the karuta club.

Well, it looks like Taichi is still totally unlucky. The tournament changed reader each round and the last guy, for the semi-final, can’t keep the rhythm properly. This impacts experienced players more than new ones. And believe it or not, the air conditioning on their side isn’t working either. When Taichi asks for a towel he gets like eight of them.

Taichi asking, "Can I have a towel?"

Surime got the right idea though – she went to scout the other two teams for the final. She’s starting to become a team player. She also realized that Taichi is in love with Chihaya.

The next episode will be about the final, basically a remake of last year’s final, but without Sudo. It also means that Chihaya’s school is assured a place at the High School Championship.

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