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We should call this suspense week. Psycho-Pass brings us full circle with the very first episode of the series, with a manhunt inside a building. Shin Sekai Yori has a horror episode, with all the classic elements. Finally, Chihayafuru brings us the Tokyo school final, and we still don’t know who won.

Psycho-Pass, ep 16

So the Nona Tower plans don’t match the reality of the place. It has 20 underground floors, where most of the energy consumption happens. Makishima went upstairs and Gu-Shue downstairs, where they believe Sibyl is hiding. The plan is to have Kougami follow Makishima.

And it worked. Akane and Kougami went upstairs to the Antenna, but Kagari went downstairs. Kougami is quite intelligent. He picked up a helmet for Akane. Now she’s going to get copies of high CC for all the other helmet dudes. Simply brilliant, except that Makishima is around too and his CC tends toward 0.

Kagari is the first to get some action. It started with a nail in his shoulder, but he took care of his attacker quite easily. I’m starting to think that all the Enforcers are badass now. So Gu-Shue is trying to get Kagari on his side, with sweet talking, which didn’t work really well. Kagari is a bit righteous, despite not caring if everybody dies.

Akane knocks out Kougami by hitting him with a helmet
Akane is a badass

Akane and Kougami made it to the top and we get to see the first scene from the very first episode again. It only took 16 episodes to get there. Makishima is really good at hand-to-hand combat. Poor Kougami, he’s good for the hospital again. But a least the helmet he gave Akane ended up useful; it must have hurt a lot to be knocked out by it.

Poor Kagari: he found out the truth about Sibyl and the Chief (who is just an android). Bye, Kagari. I wonder what he saw, Gu-Shue was all, “We don’t have to destroy Sibyl, just to make this public.” I suspect that Sibyl is made out of people; it is a classic trope in sci-fi. Also, going by the episode number and how many are left, I expect Akane and friends to go against Sibyl before the end. Now I want the next episode.

Shin Sekai Yori, ep 19

This was a good horror episode. Satoru and Saki merge with another group who is going to see the Hospital. Once they get there, everybody is dead and they find three survivors who keep on saying, “Run away, he’s coming back!” Of course, the question is who is “He?” Well, he’s the trump card of the monster rat. Probably a Karmic demon going by his “power set.” He’s probably the kid of Mamoru and Maria. The Robber Fly clan really did find their bones, but after they had a kid, at least this is my bet. He seems to be quite powerful, too.

After many scary events, only Satoru and Saki made it out alive. Although, one of their group pretty much sacrificed herself to allow them to escape. Didn’t stop “Him” from taking a boat and going after them. I don’t expect Satoru or Saki to die though. The preview is pretty bleak and I think I spotted a Shun flashback. One thing is sure, their village won’t ever be the same again.

Chihayafuru, S2 ep 5

Retro cards are back! Both schools (Hokuo and Chihaya’s) are trying to guess the order of the other side. The idea is that either can score three wins if they put their best players against their weakness. Unfortunately for Hokuo, Taichi is a class A player when he doesn’t feel sorry for himself.

Poor Porkykun; Chihaya doesn’t want to lose despite both teams in the final going to Tokyo for the Nationals. His sister is also Retro-kun’s girlfriend. OK, this was random: Taichi is following the rule of never using the word “but” since third grade and now all the guys in the team are forced to do so as well.

Chihaya with flames in her eyes
Chihaya is on Fire

Well, well, well, Retro-kun balked and decided that Hokuo was going to play straight. Strongest against strongest and weakest against weakest. Oh, Sudo made a visit and all of Hokuo is scared. Actually, he’s the final reader. Scary.

Interestingly, Chihaya doesn’t care about her match. She’s pretty much acting like it’s a practice match. Her opponent deduced that she was playing as if she was against Shinobu (the Queen). He’s being totally ignored, but he’s winning. Porkykun lost his match really fast and everybody else, beside Oe-chan, is also losing in the team, but in close matches. Chihaya decided to stop lazing around there at the end. She’s going to be a monster with her trying to copy both the current Queen and Master still.

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