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Psycho-Pass shows us the secret of Sibyl System, and it’s creepy. Shin Sekai Yori continues toward its finale at a steady pace, and the Chihayafuru episode was the most fun Chihaya ever had in a karuta competition. A good week, all in all, although there was a lot of exposition in all three shows. But it was needed in most cases.

Psycho-Pass, Episode 17

The riots are over and the Bureau has really big “tank robots” that we never saw before. It looks like both Divisions 1 and 2 have lots of Enforcers. Viewers know that Kagari was killed, but the team doesn’t.

Kougami is wondering how they are going to judge Makishima, because it’s a lot harder to do that than to use a Dominator. This might also be related to the fact that there are no judges in that society because the judiciary was abolished a while back. I guess everyone from serial killer to petty thief gets put into rehab now.

Psycho-hazard is a disease. Most people went to mental care centers, and they made makeshift ones in sports centers and the like to accommodate the town. It’s like if they created emergency centers, but it’s filled with psychologists, not doctors.

Makeshift mental care facility
Our Brain overlords

Sibyl decided that Makishima was going to become a “research sample.” Wouahahahah. Sibyl also seems to want to throw Division 1 on a false trail, by making them chase an escaped Kagari (but he’s dead). “Evil Sibyl” detected! Zuuuu… Ok, so the Chief (i.e., Sibyl cyborg body) is hosting Touma, the dude responsible for the Specimen case that had the same “condition” as Shougo. He was criminally asymptomatic. Well, now we know what Sibyl is made of: a psychopath’s brains that can’t be detected by Dominators. They’re charming guys and really creepy: brains used in a cluster. They have BIG egos, too.

We get Gulliver mentioned in this anime!? I’m starting to like Makishima. See, he doesn’t want to be God; instead, he wants to play the game of life. Touma wasn’t careful, he gave away the information that they were in Transit and that Makishima escaped…and the first thing he did was call Kougami to tell him Sibyl wasn’t worth protecting.

Shin Sekai Yori, Episode 20

Well, things are getting uglier. The monster rats have some sort of big larva that spew black powder that they can light up. They went through the canals at night to blow up the village come daybreak. So the village drained the canals, but that was part of the plan, too.

Saki had a lot of flashbacks of Maria this episode. So I guess the friend is Maria. It also explains the, “If Maria had never been born, a lot of people would have survived.” Tomiko passed the flame to Saki as well. This means that Saki is the Ethic Comity boss now. Wouhou! I don’t think she’s going to have much power though. The preview mentions Cantus leakage as well. It’s a bit like Psycho-hazard, I guess. I find it interesting how Shin Sekai Yori overlaps in themes with Psycho-Pass, yet have totally different styles.

In their escape, Satoru and Saki lose each other. I expect them to get back together at some point, though. They are the two persona left. Unfortunately, neither of them care about Mamoru. They talked about Maria and the boy without a face, but never mentioned poor Mamoru.

Chihayafuru, Season 2 Episode 6

They lost! Well, it was expected with the new rule that the two finalist teams were going to the Nationals. Although, what a loss it was. Four matches in luck-of-draw. In other words, everyone lost or won by a single card.

Taichi successfully got Retro-kun to commit a fault, making the first win for his school. Somebody else won as well, but it wasn’t Chihaya. She attacked her opponent side, but he followed her motion and took the card at the same time. The rules say that the side the card is on wins in this case. Let’s say that after Hukuo won, the Hukuo team leader didn’t seem that happy. He knows he could have been steamrolled by Chihaya in another circumstance. The final was stacked in favor of Hukuo from the reader to the card setup in the luck-of-draw. A bit of it is caused by a better team’s training, but a lot of it was circumstantial. I also believe Chihaya’s super abilities, which she only used for half the match, are kept for the Nationals or later.

Table with glowing karuta cards
Glowing cards are sure to make Hukuo win.

Speaking of Chihaya, she still falls asleep after a match. She’s also a lot calmer than last year. She was super happy after the game, too. She had a lots of fun. It’s strange to see her like that. Porkykun was apologizing all the time, but she was like, “This was so fun!” She also got an email from Arata who asked if she had fun in the final. She started to cry afterward. The Nationals are going to be something. I can’t wait.

Finally, Surime and the four brothers are all joining Harada’s sensei dojo, err, Karuta club. I expect to have a few episodes based on them next while everyone is training for the Nationals.

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