Weekly Anime Review

This week’s episodes are a bit strange. No, they don’t turn away from the plot or anything, it’s just that Psycho-Pass has dreadful quality and Shin Sekai Yori went all hard rock on us with the music. Chihayafuru had a funny breather episode as well. Although, beside all that weirdness, the plots all moved forward.

Psycho-Pass, ep 18

What happened to the quality?? It was just dreadful this episode. In one scene, Kougami had his vest on, and then off, depending on the view.

Anyway, besides this, it was a dialogue-heavy episode. With Division 1 realizing that something was fishy with the top brass (aka the Chief), this ended with Kougami being taken off the case to chase Makishima and the Chief trying to have him killed by Ginoza. Akane saved the ball here, by using Paralyzer mode on Kougami and not Destroyer mode. The Chief overrode the setting on Gino’s weapon. Akane’s comment was well-played as well, she knows something is up with the Chief now. Also, when I say ball, I mean Gino; his dad told him he should become the ball between the game of the masters (Sybil/Chief) and the dogs (Enforcers).

The episode ended with Kougami escaping with the help of his fellow enforcers and one of the helmets. He left a letter to Akane, too. How nice of him. Akane called him stupid after reading the letter. I wonder if she’s going to kill him at the end like he’s asking though.

Finally, where is Yaoi anyway? She said she was leaving to have something to eat at the start of the episode but disappeared after that.  I find it suspicious.

Shin Sekai Yori, ep 21

The music in this episode was strange. Hard rock, really?

So Saki and Satoru find each other. They make it to the Temple of Purity safely and find the leader of the “extermination” squad there.  The guy was sent to destroy the Robber Fly colony one week ago, but encountered the fiend. Through him, they find out Squealer’s grand plan. He’s been stealing babies from the hospitals. In other words, he’s going to make a fiend army to take over the world. It also appears that he’s in hiding, letting his troops get themselves killed to advance his plan.

Saki is pretty much certain that her parents are going to die. They went back to the village saying that they had to sacrifice anything to stop the fiend. Poor Saki. Hopefully Satoru doesn’t die before the end, otherwise she’s going to be all alone.

Speaking of the fiend, well, my very first guess was the right one. It’s the boy of Maria and Mamoru. This probably means that the queerats stole the baby and killed the parents about ten years ago.

This was a disturbing episode, especially when you know that humans can’t kill the fiend because of the “death by shame.”  Unfortunately, the fiend can kill humans without issues.

Chihayafuru, S2 ep 7

OK, I have to admit that I was wrong. Chihaya didn’t take losing very well. In fact, her sister is all confused because she’s totally depressed at home. She also watches DVDs of Shinobu Queen’s match every day. Obsessed much? Looks like she feels guilty for behaving like she was in an individual match and not a team match.

It was nice to see her family again. Looks like her sister is having issues with her acting job. Looks like her dad is still collecting newspaper entries of his girls, too. Her mother finally did something nice too; seems like she’s been sending gifts to Kana-chan moms for all the kimonos she rented to the kids. In a way, Chihaya is totally clueless about her mom.

Oh dear, Chihaya, you are too honest. Seems that she might have found a way to accommodate the music band’s lack of storage space, though. Funny episode is funny. Chihaya might seem considerate, but she’s only thinking of Karuta.

Sumire is below Tsukuba, but above his brothers in playing Karuta. The club is rather nasty though, putting Sumire against Dr. Harada. She did have a 40-card advantage. Kana broke the 4th wall this episode as well. Chihaya doesn’t know the meaning of Chihayafuru (translated to swiftness). We get a nice explanation of the difference between swiftness and frenzy by Kana-chan. Next episode: the Nationals!

For people who are wondering, a good kimono set is between $1000 and $3000 U.S. Not cheap.

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