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What I Watched This Weekend: “Girls,” S2.E06

This week’s girls explored the men, on Girls!

Girls Cast PhotoThe show opens with Hannah agreeing to write an ebook, but we don’t know on what. She spends time in front of her Macbook with a furrowed brow looking writerly, so I can relate. Her work is praised as naive and maddening, which is a perfect description of Hannah!

And finally, Marnie fell out with Booth Jonathan after she finally noticed that he was a really self-absorbed person who masquerades as someone with sensitivity. There’s a really telling moment when he’s at his party talking about something moving him to the point of sobbing, which he never does, and his friend pipes up that he’s seen him crying like, six times. It’s obvious that so much of his presentation is inauthentic and carefully designed to impress other people. No wonder he hates his friends, they are a mirror of everything he hates about himself.

Booth Johnathan: does anyone like him? I find him pretty annoying.

Bromance is brewing when Ray and Adam go on an adventure to Staten Island to return the dog that Adam stole. The most compelling thing about the show for me was the failed bromance between these two characters. Things started out roughly when Ray went to Adam’s house to get his copy of Little Women that Hannah had borrowed. Adam was busy hitting things with a hammer and prying wood apart, you know, manly things! It was great to see two male characters display vulnerability as they try to form a connection. Ray calls them “two honest men,” while Adam calls them two guys who are “kinda weird looking.”

The tension between Hannah and Marnie when they both decide not to share how poorly their lives are going is a great juxtaposition to Ray and Adam. While the guys make an attempt at vulnerability, a trait considered typically feminine, the girls decide to try to bottle it up and pretend everything is fine.

The show ends with Ray and the muzzled dog sitting near the water. Ray starts crying, and the dog is there to nuzzle him. A perfect reminder that dogs are man’s, and woman’s best friend.

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