Bipartisan Disgust: At Least We Agree on Something!

We may all disagree about why things in Washington are so gridlocked (and I for one assign most of the blame to the GOP’s misguided zeal for austerity and widening financial inequality) – but we can all agree that Congress is getting less done than ever, and its ratings are at a historical low.

In fact, a major polling outfit (Public Policy Polling, highly rated by both NPR and the Wall Street Journal, so you KNOW they’re bipartisan!) put out a recent study that attempted to put things in perspective. Favorability ratings were starting to feel meaningless, as Congress dipped down into single digit approval. So instead of just asking respondents whether they had a positive or negative view of Congress, PPP asked people to compare Congress to other things. For example: which did they view more negatively, Congress or traffic jams?

The list of items was incredibly creative, especially for a normally dry, clinical polling company, so they’ve popped up in a bunch of recent news articles about the sequester and other examples of Congressional dysfunction (“Congress less popular than head lice,” or “Sequester likely to make Congress viewed more negatively than bullies”). Meanwhile, the more I read about the impact of the sequester and arguments over who is responsible, the more I sense major stress in the comments, with people writing that they’re having trouble not swearing at their computers, or they are so angry at whichever side they deem responsible, they can’t see straight. So I figured it was time for some comic relief, thanks to a list like the one PPP created (plus a few creative additions of my own):

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