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Growing up, I always missed out on the current show or the most popular movie. Okay, I can’t say I always missed out. I did watch The A-Team and 21 Jump Street, Knight Rider, and Star Wars. I even went to the movies to watch Adventures in Babysitting. But I never saw Sixteen Candles, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off or The Breakfast Club. In the 90s, I was aware enough to have watched Friends.

As an adult, I have missed the big shows that shape our culture. Some shows give us popular phrases or sayings. It wasn’t until after the series ended that I watched Firefly. I did see the first two episodes, but like many missed the following ones because I could never find it on television. I watched the first few episodes of Battlestar Galactica but never got sucked into the run.

The Internet, in its handiness, provided all the Firefly episodes and Serenity. Watching now, I’ve realized that I can watch that show over and over again. The acting, the costumes, the characters, and the plot are enjoyable time and time again.

Netflix has saved me the second time from missing out on great TV. We marathoned BSG by watching 2-3 episodes a night for several nights in a row. A phenomena that Portlandia captured so well. Oh my goodness, what an awesome show! I’m not sure that I totally appreciate the ending of one character but I LOVE BSG. I have a minor regret for not watching it when my friends were watching because then I could have participated in the conversations. But by watching it this way, I didn’t have to wait a week to watch each new episode or miss an episode because I couldn’t remember the channel or time slot.

Netflix came to the rescue with a third cultural phenomenon: Doctor Who. I love me some Doctor. As with BSG, discovering the show for the first time this late into the show’s run has a drawback. I am just discovering who I like, who I wasn’t too fond of (Martha), and my friends know everything (Spoilers!) Let me wipe away a tear now as I realize that have almost caught up to the current season and will join the real world again, waiting each week for the next episode. Sigh.

I also started watching Downton Abbey, season 1 since I saw a couple episodes of season two and loved it.

There are so many amazing shows that I want to watch and need to see all the back episodes of. Without cable, I am not able to watch things as the air, except for Project Runway, WOOT!

What shows do you watch? What would you suggest is worth catching up on?

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Right now I watch Spartacus (oh gods no things aren’t looking good), Once Upon A Time (with about ..20% of my attention), The Carrie Diaries (cute!) and I recently finished Being Human (the UK original) and Utopia. Oh, and I’m waiting for Elementary, blast those random breaks.

Recommendations are always so hard though. I usually just say “Buffy”.

The Snark Squad are recapping Angel. Their 50 Shades and Buffy recaps have been hilarious, so I am using this as an excuse to finally watch the show. I’m a fan of Buffy and Firefly, but just didn’t get into Angel when it was on. Two epidodes in and it is starting to win me over. It’s darker than Buffy, more of a comic book/ film noir tone and suprisingly funny. Plus it’s free to watch online through Lovefilm.

I totally feel you on this. I recently started blogging about tv, books, and movies that I like and the best thing I could come up with to call my page was “Behind the times blog” because so many of the things I’m really into right now are not actually current.

Lately I’m watching Psych on Netflix; I watched the show sporadically for the first two seasons or so but I didn’t always have cable during that time, so I started over from the beginning. I think I like it even more this way–it has been so fun to watch the relationships between the characters change over time, and watching them like this makes some of the recurring jokes more obvious and enjoyable. For example, it’s obvious that either James Roday or Dule Hill or both are huge movie buffs and so the episodes that either strongly reference a particular movie or structure themselves as a certain genre (slasher film, western, martial arts movie, etc) really stand out since I’m seeing them a week or so apart instead of several months/years.

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