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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Aren’t Kidding Around

If there was one thing Ladyblogland wanted to talk about this week, it was how The Onion called Quvenzhané Wallis the c-word. The best thing to come out of that terrible joke is the many different (and well-articulated) feminist perspectives.

@theonion: your tweet was just plain awful and not in anyway satire. XOJane

Related, how did the c-word become such a terrible insult? Slate

Satire, white feminism and the c-word. Clutch

Have you been watching The Mindy Project? Geekquality makes good points about why the show is good for women. Though that still doesn’t adress the fact that every character BUT Mindy’s is 1-dimensional (and that’s why I think the show is good, but not great). Geekquality

Does skinny really sell, or is that just a bunch of bull-caca? The Jane Dough

Take yourself on a grown-up field-trip to the museum. Design Sponge

RookieMag clued me on to this: An ad for a new Sketcher’s line called “Daddy’s Money.” Sigh.

What did you read this week?

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9 replies on “Dispatches from Ladyblogland Aren’t Kidding Around”

The Quvenzhane Wallis situation is just infuriating. I’d like to know where the hell (many of) the white lady feminists were, and why the hell the outcry wasn’t bigger. Adult men called a little girl a cunt, and implied that she was/soon would be a sexual object. And, well, too many people responded with “oh, but it’s satire” or “you just don’t get it”. BULLSHIT. It’s sexist, racist cruelty aimed at a CHILD. A little GIRL. Even if her parents shielded her from the immediate situation, she’s going to find out eventually — and if sixteen or twenty or fifty year old Quvenzhane calls the apologists out herself, well, I’ll back her up.
I also don’t agree with comparisons to the Sandra Fluke situation. Sandra Fluke is awesome, and Rush Limbaugh is an enormous festering asshole, but it’s different to call an adult a slut and a child a cunt. Both situations were wrong, but…comparing them minimizes what Quvenzhane is dealing with. Sandra Fluke is and adult and has a voice and can (and did, and does, and will) speak in her own defense and on her own behalf. Quvenzhane is a child, and even if she does speak up for herself, there will be a strong “what a brat” response. Even if it’s well-spoken and carefully composed, the same people who have no problem calling a nine-year-old child a cunt will likewise trash her for “having an attitude” and getting ahead of herself.

And now I am cranky and need to go find puppy gifs. Which reminds me. Quvenzhane’s puppy purse was awesome and totally nine-year-old appropriate.

I did see a LOT of response from tumblr feminist blogs, though…But tumblr is more anonymous than facebook, and there’s no “ohai, I’m a (insert ethnicity) feminist ladyblogger” disclaimer on most of them. And, well, I’ve long stopped assuming that everyone on the internet is basically me but in a different place and don’t assume that most of the feminist bloggers are also white.

Also, I need more caffeine.

That Skechers line and ad pissed me off. I posted on their Facebook page letting them know that I wasn’t buying another pair of Skechers ever. And I also let them know that every pair of Skechers my daughter has ever owned were bought with “Mommy’s money” thank you very much.

I saw a few people saying things like “It’s just shoes, what’s the big deal? You people are so sensitive!” and comparing it to using the term ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.’ No, there is quite a leap going from being “Daddy’s girl” to suggesting that young girls should be cute and flirty to get “Daddy” to buy them something.

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