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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Cry at Work

We’ve been ladyblogging all week, but our ladyblog friends have some amazing stuff. Here’s what should be on your reading list.

Sheryl Sandberg gave people a lot of feelings this week. Actually, women in the workplace have really been part of the discourse lately, which is all kinds of awesome. Jezebel

I think my ovaries just twinged a bit. Here’s some adorable picture of little girls dressed up as super heroes. Buzzfeed

Get this look: David Bowie. The Hairpin

Ever notice how lady hitchhikers in fiction are reckless? And dudes who hitchike are glorified (think One the Road)? That’s a problem. The American Reader

Those Steubenville boys are guilty. Which is justice. But we still have to deal with our larger rape culture. Hello Giggles

31 things that are not an invitation to rape. XOJane

Where did all the condoms go on Girls? Huffington Post

There’s a great trend going on of women in TV with a steady head on their shoulders. XXFactor

What did you read?

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