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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Fight the Tropes

The best thing this week is the product of Anita Sarkeesian’s tropes vs. women in video games work. There’s also some Bikini Kill awesomeness. Onward!

It’s time we saw some introverted heroines, don’t you think? XXfactor

Anita Sarkeesian has her first video about tropes vs. women in video games. You may remember that she got some serious harassment from the MRA of the Internet when she started this project. Feminist Frequency

A new ad campaign inexplicably targets young, single mothers. Because getting pregnant at 16 is only the girl’s fault. That last sentence is dripping in sarcasm. Gothamist

Apparently the solution to rape is telling us ladies to get a gun. Oh, rape culture, you always find new ways to perpetuate yourself. Feministing

This video of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna and Kathi Wilcox playing the Friendship Game will give you a happy. Huffington Post

Why do we hate on Anne Hathaway but love Jennifer Lawrence? NYMag

What ladyblogs did you read this week?

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11 replies on “Dispatches from Ladyblogland Fight the Tropes”

I honestly don’t get the Anne Hathaway hate. I think the common theme is that she “tries too hard,” but why is working hard at your job something bad? I mean, she’s managed to turn a career as a YA TV Star to a genuine acting career. I honestly think a lot of the hate has to do with the fact that she’s a lady. A dude who tries hard at his career would be considered ambitious.

Well, and there’s that, too. Anne Hathaway works her ass off for each role, and takes her job seriously. And, as much as we love JLaw for not playing the game, Anne doesn’t completely play it either. She’s just more subtle about it, doing things like turning a “so let’s talk diets” interview around on the man interviewing her rather than flipping off photographers at an awards show.

Maybe I just relate to Anne Hathaway a bit more because I tend to get the “you take things too seriously” argument all the time. ALL the time.

I love Anne Hathaway. She doesn’t take shit, and she stands up for gay rights (and it’s not just lip service; she has a gay brother). I like Jennifer Lawrence too; the video where she flipped out when Jack Nicholson congratulated her at the Oscars was adorkable. They’re both phenomenal actresses.

I’m with you on the victim-blaming, heaven forbid a lady should do anything remotely dangerous, a dude might just leap out of the bushes… it’s also dumb that women need to dress conservatively or what have you because if they don’t, the men are such teeming sacks of hormones that they lose all self-control and HAVE to commit that crime.

On the other hand, if someone owns a gun legally and uses it to defend themselves, I have a hard time seeing why they would be arrested for it. Sure, the laws on this vary from state to state, but if you’re a law-abiding citizen and use it as it’s supposed to be used–a last resort to save your life–then you should be ok.

I’ve been following the Anita Sarkeesian narrative for a while (hard without my blood pressure going up.) I was excited to see the first video in her series, but I was disappointed in the presentation.

Seeing all the damsel in distress tropes laid out one right after the other is an effective eye opener especially for someone unfamiliar with console gaming, but most of the games featured were vintage and developed in Japan. The absence of any discussion on differing cultural values, how they can reflect problems in American culture when we identify with those images/storylines so strongly, or just a mention of pop culture cross pollination detracted from my enjoyment of the first installment.

I know she’ll address current games in the next episode, so I’m hoping some of that comes up and more American developed games get mentioned. Can’t wait to see the installments as a whole and I’m so happy that she’s brave enough to go on with her project. I also think all the internet hype has skyrocketed my expectations of this series and I probably need to scale those back.

It was definitely tropes 101, but I did learn a lot about the early history of gaming. Not being a gamer myself, I found it enlightening. I think maybe if you know the history, you’ll want to see a in depth analysis, but for someone like me, the high-level is fine.

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