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We do, we really do! So it wasn’t really surprising to find out that a woman is behind I F*ing Love Science. Get the details on this and other ladyblog finds below.

Do you love I F*ing Love Science? Did you know it’s run by a woman? Newsflash: women like science. Especially our very own HillaryDaily Dot

According to Esquire, women are ornamental. Just like cars! XXFactor

Newsflash! Trend pieces on “feminist” housewives are possibly bullshit. Jezebel

I really have a dream of doing something like going from New York to Alaska on a motorcycle. The Hairpin

Ford in India makes the worst ads ever. Seriously. Terrible. I work in advertising so I can see how this maybe happened (mostly because everything is done by committee), but why did no one listen to the person who said, “This is a terrible, sexist, and rapey idea.” Copyranter

Speaking of sexist ads, here’s a nifty idea for an app designed to track, discuss, and hopefully be rid of sexist ads. Huffington Post

A little race, gender and performativity 101. Racialicious

NPR’s series on women in the military made my mornings awesome this week. NPR

People have feelings about women who request C-sections.  XOJane

Finally, here are some pugs having a bath:

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