Easy-Peasy Apple Sauce

I love applesauce. So very much. I didn’t think it was possible to love it more than I did, and then my grandmom showed me how ridiculously easy it is to make. 

No, seriously, it’s easier than you would think. Just follow these steps.

Choose your apples. I prefer a Gala or Fuji because I find that Mcintosh or Delicious are just too sweet.

Once you get them home, peel them with a veggie peeler. Or a knife, but the peeler is quicker.

peeled apples

Next, you cube them. Much like this:

cubed Gala apples

Add in a little bit of cinnamon, sugar, and a tiny dash of nutmeg. The amounts will depend on how sweet and/or cinnamony you like it.

cubed apples covered with a nice pile of sugar and cinnamon

Next, add a little water and simmer until the apples start to soften. If you prefer it chunkier, cook less, if you like it smoother, cook longer. Once again, this is all about what you prefer. You’ll also want to taste it along the way to see if it needs more sugar or spice. If it’s too sweet and needs some tartness, a bit of lemon juice will help.

I like mine on the chunky side, so it looks a lot like this when it’s finished:

chunky cooked applesauce


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