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How a Boy Started a Big Discussion

This is a story about people who think their opinion is more important than the child who instigated sharing that opinion. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is telling the Dutch government to intervene. Turks online call the Dutch pig-eating heathens who support the sickness that’s homosexuality. And why? Because a Turkish child has two lesbians as foster parents.

Little more than a week ago the Dutch news showed a sob story about how a Turkish family lost their youngest child to Youth Care. And to make it worse: the foster parents were lesbians, something the biological parents didn’t support at all and if someone should steal their baby from them, why couldn’t they at least give the child to good, Turkish or at least Moslem parents?

As always, there are multiple sides to this story. One news paper shares that the little boy (now nine years old) has been taken away as a baby after several occurrences of domestic violence. Another source shares that it was an emergency move because of extreme neglect. There are also two older brothers that should have been taken away, but the parents temporarily moved back to Turkey to prevent that.

Now the mother has appealed to Erdogan to give her back her child before it will lose “all Moslem values.” The human rights commission of Turkey thinks that European countries make the decision of putting Turkish children in other families too easily.
Meanwhile the boy and his foster parents had to go into hiding. He can’t go to school anymore, his mothers are threatened.

Dutch Youth Care says that there are simply not enough Turkish-Moslem families that offer a place for foster children, although because of this situation they are slowly noticing a change in applications. Dutch-Turkish organizations are trying to cool the entire situation down by saying it’s not about homosexuality, but “simply too many differences between our cultures.”

Prime Minister Erdogan will finish in the Netherlands soon, because this year we celebrate 400 years of Dutch-Turkish connections. He feels that Turks need to hold up their connection with their mother country and do not assimilate into European societies. Dutch government says it will hear him about foster children, but disapproves of the meddling.

And what does the nine-year-old think? How do his older brothers look at this situation? Why did it take the biological mother nine years to get into action? No one knows, they’re screaming too loudly about what’s right and what’s wrong.



Sources used are De Volkskrant, het Algemeen Dagblad, and (all Dutch).

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