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Kickstartable: Eat Their Words — Cookies that Bite Back

It’s Thursday! This means that the weekend is only one sleep away AND that it’s time to feature another Kickstartable project. Today’s project, Eat Their Words, involves two things I think most of you love – words and cookies.

I asked the creator, Jennifer, a bit about the project.

Tell us a little about your Kickstarter project. What do you hope to accomplish with the funds raised? 
My project is called Eat Their Words, and I make cookies that are decorated with vintage illustrations paired with witty sayings, which act as edible greeting cards. If I’m fortunate enough to reach my goal, I’ll use the funds I’m seeking for packaging supplies, kitchen rental time, and building an e-commerce website.

Is this your first Kickstarter project? If so, what made you make the leap to engaging the world community to promote your cause? 
It’s the first one I’ve launched, but I’ve contributed to over a dozen of them in the past year and a half or so. A friend of mine had a project a while back that I supported, and that got me interested in the whole “micro-investing” concept. I became addicted to trolling the site for interesting projects, because I love the idea that you can help someone you don’t even know meet a goal by being a drop in the bucket, just because you like what they’re doing. I had the first inklings of my cookie company idea over a year ago, and Kickstarter was really always in the back of my mind as a way to sort of test-market the concept and see if there’s any interest out there for this product.

What was the most challenging part of getting your Kickstarter presentation together? 
By far, the video! Everyone stresses how important it is, and I’m sure that’s true for the people who actually work at KS as a way of sifting through all the submitted projects and getting a quick snapshot of what each one is about…but I personally don’t usually look at the videos (I’m very low-tech by nature) and prefer to read the copy instead. And, I’m much more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person, so the idea of looking at the camera and giving my little prepared speech really wigged me out. Luckily my husband is considerably handier than I am with a computer and video editing software, so he helped a lot. If I didn’t have him, I would’ve hit up every person I’d ever met until I found someone who had those skills in their wheelhouse. Failing that, I probably would have advertised on Craigslist for help, or sought out a local film student. And I would have tried to pay them in cookies, of course…it’s all about bartering!

What has been the most pleasantly surprising thing since your video has been live? 
How many contributions I’m getting from names I don’t recognize. I’m not sure if it’s people who randomly stumbled upon my campaign or friends of friends who shared it, but either way it’s fantastic to see support for my idea from people I don’t actually know personally. It’s pretty awkward to email everyone you know and say, “Hey, could you donate some of your hard-earned money to my pet project?” I found it much easier to say, “As you probably know, I’m a much better at baking than at social media, so please give me a hand and pass this around?” It’s a bit more soft-sell, which I would personally rather be approached with.

Whats your project’s biggest selling point? 
I think people love finding the perfect gift, and if it’s easy to order and have shipped automatically for a low-ish ($25 and under) price point, all the better. I’ve seen cards at shops that are really absolutely perfect for a particular person and it’s just so thrilling to give it to them and know they’re going to “get it” and thinks it’s funny…it’s like outside validation for an inside joke. Everyone I’ve shown my cookies to has a similar reaction: they find one or two in the box that make them laugh out loud, and then they re-read the rest and say they also like this one or that one, and they know someone it would be perfect for. They’re universal in a way, but the phrasing is unexpected enough to be unique and make the giver seem hip and witty and irreverent, which I think most people dig.

Are you hungry yet? Do you want to send your BFF a hilarious cookie that will make the two of you laugh and laugh? I do.

Eat Their Words will be eligible for funding through March 30th.

Disclaimer: Please do not take this review or my personal endorsement of this project as investment advice. I am a lady blogger on the Internet, not an investment adviser, nor am I an angel investor myself.

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