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Lunchtime Poll 3/12/13: Pancakes or Waffles

This weekend, my daughter and I went to a Maple Syrup Festival – for those of you west of Indiana and south of Tennessee, yes, there are festivals celebrating Maple Syrup.

We learned about the history of maple syrup, along with how it’s made today. And for something that’s big bucks per ounce, there were copious amounts of it at the pancake breakfast (where we met a pancake flipper who is in the world-record book, for reals). I couldn’t help but notice how squishy the pancakes got as the syrup soaked in, and I couldn’t help but think that a waffle holds the syrup better. Which leads me to today’s poll – pancakes or waffles?

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I can make pancakes any time, but not so with waffles. But waffles are so full of indentations that hold all kind of delicious morsels, unlike pancakes where everything slides off it.

In the end, I think I have to go waffle because it seems to have the better non-traditional pairings: chicken and waffles! thick belgian waffles that can hold their own with scoops of ice cream! and now the most recent amazement (see picture below)! I actually stole this from a friend who’s posted this to FB while on a trip to Denver. Seriously. Is there nothing waffles can’t do?

Wait– I just had a whole bunch of text above that picture and now it’s all gone!! Nooo!

Short story: Belgian waffles and ice cream. Chicken and waffles. And now this slice of heaven courtesy of a friend who’s visiting Denver. Waffles just have more amazing and delicious non-traditional pairings than pancakes. Plus all those indentations for tasty morsels to rest in while they wait to go in your mouth (things just slide off of pancakes).

As a birthday present for a friend, I wrote a silly, funny fanfic last summer that used “waffle” as a BDSM safe word. Now, of course, anytime someone says or sees the word “waffle” we all yell “WAFFLE.”

So….. Waffle. :-)

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