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Lunchtime Poll 3/26/13: First Books

Another bookish one today, folks. What’s the first book you remember reading?

Mine is Wind in the Willows. My dad used to read it to me as a bedtime story, and I would turn the pages. One night, he tested a theory and stopped reading in the middle of a page, seeing if I’d turn the page because he’d stopped talking. I didn’t, and I read (well, kind of read) the rest of the page to him. I still have a fond place in my heart for Mole and Mr. Toad.

What’s your first book memory, Persephoneers?

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I learned to read pretty young, so I don’t exactly remember when it clicked, but I do remember one book specifically that I couldn’t read and being mega-pissed about it — Robin Hood. I had this big illustrated hardcover, and maybe I could read a couple of words at that point, but a big chapter book, no. So after I was done being pissed about it, I started making up a story based on the illustrations and what I knew from the Disney movie.

(Side note: Future writer, who me? ;)

Reading a grasshopper book in school. I was put in the lowest reading group in kindergarten because I went in not knowing how to read. Smartypants that I am, I learned quickly, and my very first memory of actually reading is sitting in reading group thinking, “God. Why are these other kids so bad at this? This takes SO LONG. WHY do they have to sound out the words? Why can’t they just say them? When will it be MY turn again? I’m really good at this. Why can’t I be in the good reading group!” Needless to say, I was kind of a brat. Also, don’t try to fool kids about what “level” they’re at. You can call it the “blue group” all you want. They still know that the other kids are reading Junie B. Jones chapter books, and they’re reading “I See Me” picture books.

And thus began a life of impatience.

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